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Lucius: Spartan Warrior by Stormy Glenn

Lucius Spartan WarriorLucius: Spartan Warrior by Stormy Glenn
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Siren-BookStrand, Inc.
Novella:  37,728 Words
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Roses:  3

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Romance, M/M, sci-fi elements, HEA]

Lucius is Spartan, a genetically enhanced soldier created for the sole purpose of fighting. But what is he to do when the war is over? Exiled with his unit to an island off the Pacific coastline, Lucius is shocked when he finds more than a deserted island when he meets Ari, a man determined to live by his own rules even at the cost of his own life.

Ari was just a teenager when he was abandoned by his family and exiled because he didn’t meet the new moral code. He does what he needs to do to survive. When he meets Lucius and the other Spartan, he finds that the fierce warriors need even more help than he does.

Emotions have been drummed out of the Spartans, deemed useless to men taught nothing but killing. Teaching them to feel just might be harder than Ari thinks, especially when he needs Lucius to be the killing machine he was born to be in order to save them all when the enemy attacks. But the cost might be the man he is falling in love with.


Lucius and his men have no idea how to behave outside of war and training.  When Lucius stumbles across Ari when he and his men are dropped onto a “deserted” island, Lucius has no idea what he is feeling and what to do about it.  Ari isn’t sure what he should do about Lucius.  He is attracted to him but knows Lucius isn’t supposed to have emotions.  They should have been all bred and trained out of Lucius and the other Spartan.

I thought the idea of this story is cute.  It has been done similarly before.  The writing was good.  The plot is not unique but fun and interesting.  The characters are fairly typical of this author’s writing.  Ari is smaller but is really a strong man who changes Lucius for the better.  Lucius then has to prove he cares for Ari when Ari is in trouble.

This story seems to be written as a standalone but there are so many threads left dangling that I would love to see it become a series.  If it is a single book there are a lot of holes that are not filled.  I enjoyed the book even though it isn’t the greatest writing.  This is a comfort read for those days when one needs a fun, easy read.  It lifts your spirits.


Davi’s Salvation by Stormy Glenn

Davi's SalvationDavi’s Salvation by Stormy Glenn
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
Novella:  44,033 Words
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Roses:  2

On the worst day of Salvador Cavalcante’s life, he meets a man destined to be his mate, something sacred where he comes from. Little does he know that mating Davi will make him an alpha stronger than most—and more dangerous.

Davi Braizer is an omega. In his world, that means he is to stay hidden from sight, not allowed to speak to anyone, and at the alpha’s beck and call every day of his life. It’s a miserable existence until his alpha is defeated by a man who just might not be completely human.

When Salvador’s past comes back to haunt him, hiding his true nature is no longer possible. If he wants to keep his mate safe, he’ll need every ounce of power to defeat the man bent on destroying him. And that means becoming the monster everyone fears.


I really did like this story, just saying, me personally I like it.  Salvador awakes in a strange place after spelunking.  He doesn’t remember much but figures he is hurt pretty bad.  When he wakes he finds himself sleeping with a man he doesn’t know.  He is told by another he was in a fight with an Alpha wolf shifter and since he killed said Alpha he inherited his powers and is now Alpha.  The man he is sleeping with is Davi and Salvador has claimed him while out of his mind with the shift.

I did like the overall story but there are lots of holes that some readers will not like.  Salvador at first acts like he knows nothing about the paranormal world, later he knows a lot.  Davi has been taught to be a certain way all his life and after Salvador changes that Davi has no problem adjusting and even being physical with others.  This I just don’t buy.  The fight scene was anticlimactic and a little over done.  I didn’t see a lot of depth to the characters either.  There are a lot of sex scenes.  A LOT.  Also a some people might not be happy with the claiming since it seemed more rape than consensual.

As I said I enjoyed the story.  It was sweet and cute, a real “comfort” read but as far as being a solid BOOK, I have to say it really fell short on the plot and development.


Alpha Born by Stormy Glenn

Alpha BornAlpha Born by Stormy Glenn
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
Novel:  64,404 Words
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Roses:  4

Alpha Caleb Redding has spent 20 years trying to bring his first love back into his life. When he finally devises a plan, the Council of Elders agrees to it, but they add their own stipulations. In order for the mate covenant to happen, Caleb has to agree to give up his clan and alpha status, submitting to Grayson.

Alpha Grayson Cane has watched Caleb from afar, never able to touch him or speak to him due to clan conflict. It’s been a heartache that has stabbed at him for 20 years. When a peace treaty comes in the form of a mate covenant between their two clans, Grayson is all too eager to agree, especially when he learns that Caleb must submit to him.

But when the vampire mediator sent to broker the peace agreement disappears, will their second chance at being together also vanish? And what happens when Grayson accidentally mates the vampire while trying to save his life? Will Caleb have to give up his clan, his alpha status, and his dream of being with Grayson? Or will being alpha born have its advantages?


Grayson and Caleb were childhood sweethearts whose romance lead to their werewolf fathers fighting to the death.  Since their fathers were alphas they both have to assume leadership of different clans.  Caleb never wanted to leave Grayson and has been fighting since that day 20 years ago to get back to Grayson.  Now he has a way.  Peace must be achieved between their two clans and Caleb will risk all to have Grayson and peace.  Joel is their vampire mediator that is kidnapped on his way to the meeting.

I loved these three men.  None of them were weak willed characters.  They were all alphas and it showed.  I thought it interesting that the way the men were all raised they didn’t have more issues with “bottoming” for each other.

This book was a little better than some of the author’s work.  More was put into this story and it shows.  The characters are more equal and the plot line, while still obvious, was better written.  The relationships between characters have a little bit of a different dimension, even though it still appears close to insta – love.  The characters more fleshed out, though they still need perfecting.  The setting isn’t a huge deal in most of the book.  It is pretty much glossed over.   Some description is given but you really don’t get a feel for it. Would have loved to feel more of the forest and Joel’s house.   If you are one that enjoyed the author’s other books this one will be that much more appealing.