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Alpha’s War by Zoe Perdita

Alpha's WarAlpha’s War by Zoe Perdita
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Eccentric Erotica
Novel:  60,000 Words
Purchase at Amazon and Barnes and Noble
Roses:  3

Sebastian knows criminals. He was raised in a family of thieves. But nothing could prepare him for the charming and dangerous gang leader and alpha wolf, Ian Black.

Since Seb isn’t strong enough to protect himself, he seeks aid from the Black Wolves – the most infamous shifter gang in the city. While the alpha promises to protect Seb, Ian wants something in return. Seb has to pretend to be Ian’s sex slave in public.

Only problem is Seb’s straight – or he thought he was. Ian’s insistence tests his resolve at every turn.

As violence explodes throughout the city, desire sizzles between the cat and wolf. But giving into passion is difficult for Seb who spent his entire life pushing other people away.

Can these two broken men find love in the midst of chaos?

Warning: Contains graphic gay sex scenes.


This is the fourth in the Haven series and second in the Black Wolves series.  Seb is Fisk’s twin.  He is the sick one who was relegated to information gathering for the thieving brothers.  Seb is very smart and has a cunning intelligence.  He is the perfect fit for Ian, alpha of the Black Wolves if only he weren’t straight.  Ian is the fierce leader of the Black Wolves.  He works hard to get his gang to appear a tough and vicious gang in order to rid the Flats of the criminal element that killed his parents.  Now with Seb in the picture he wonders if that is as important to him as it once was.

I think the author is a wonderful writer.  The descriptions were well done and the “world” she has created gets a little more filled in all the time.  I do think that at times her descriptions are a little much but she does a good job of giving the mood and ambiance to the scene being played out.

The characters are better detailed I feel in this one than the previous book.  Ian is more understandable in some of his actions at least now.  I feel we did get to know these two a little more and understand a little of why they act as they do.

The plot was a bit predictable.  It was still entertaining.  I wouldn’t necessarily say it was exciting though.  It seemed more drawn out than the last book.  The strange thing is the ending almost felt…cut short.  We really didn’t see much after the two men really declared themselves and committed to one another.  The end just felt a little wanting for more details.

This was a nice read.  It wasn’t anything wonderful but it was solid and entertaining.  I enjoyed it but was hoping for a little something more.


Thief by Zoe Perdita

ThiefThief by Zoe Perdita
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Eccentric Erotica
Novel:  63,000 Words
Purchase at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords
Roses:  3

The universe is a bitch.

When Fisk, a cat shifter and thief, is sold into sex slavery, the most dangerous shifter gang in Haven City buys him: the Black Wolves. Problem is, Fisk stole from them three years before, and it cost the wolf gang precious territory. When they find out, they force Fisk to work off his debt. A debt to the tune of half a million dollars.

The universe has a plan.

Ian Black, the gang’s leader and alpha wolf, has plans for Fisk. It’s up to Breaker, the beta, to follow the boss’s orders. Breaker doesn’t expect to fall for the alluring feline with the bad attitude. He’s been nothing but loyal to his alpha and their pack his entire life. But Fisk wakes a desire Breaker’s never known. Only Fisk strikes Ian’s fancy too, and a beta can’t cross an alpha.

The universe has a sick sense of humor.

Fisk finds himself torn between two very different men – Ian, the sexy alpha and Breaker, the stoic enforcer. One of the wolves is his mate, but Fisk isn’t sure how to handle it. Sex is one thing – love is something else.

As passion sizzles between the three men, Breaker feels the truth – Fisk is his mate. How can he choose between loyalty to his alpha and loyalty to his heart?

Contains graphic m/m love scenes.


This wasn’t a book that I expected.  The blurb is quite clear but I really thought it wouldn’t get to the point the story did.  This lost me for romance.  I really didn’t enjoy the whole sex three way thing.  It wasn’t sexy or romantic or the like.  It felt like a betrayal by Fisk and neither man later made any sort of deal out of it.  I just can’t buy that there wouldn’t have been some fall out.  I am trying to put it in “human” perspective but it still isn’t working for me.

The writing was good.  The author made it dramatic and interesting.  True I didn’t like the love triangle thing but the writing was well done.  The characters draw you in and hold you.  The thing with the writing was actually the relationships.  Other than that the plot works.  The descriptions are detailed and color the world well.  I enjoyed that part of the book.  The author does a good job with this world that was created.

As I have said relationships in the story weren’t done very well.  I just didn’t feel that connection with the characters.  The two that end up together, there just wasn’t that connection to fall in love.  If I believe the mate thing is fate and they are supposed to know their mate then why did Fisk sleep with both men?  If I believe that they don’t right away know their mate then how do they figure it out?  Like humans do?  Then I don’t see that they were together enough for love to develop.

Overall, I loved the regular plot of the book but the relationship aspect failed for me.  So I will give it a medium rating. (Please keep in mind even if this is stated as the first in the Black Wolves series it is also third in the Haven City series.  It helps with the world building to read the first two in the Haven City series.)


Rogue Wolf by Zoe Perdita

Rogue WolfRogue Wolf by Zoe Perdita
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Eccentric Erotica
Novel:  114,000 Words
Purchase at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords
Roses:  4

Contains the first two books in the Haven City Series:

Shadow Scars (Rogue Wolf Book One)

Conner, a rogue wolf and murder detective, isn’t looking for a lover when he moves to Haven City. He wants to solve crimes and keep to himself – unable to trust anyone since his pack betrayed him six years before.

But Seth Alwen, his new partner, is different. He excites the wolf’s animal instincts – waking up the passion Conner buried long ago. Seth’s not only beautiful and alluring; he’s also haunted by the death of his former partner. And despite his better judgment, Conner aches to relieve the man of his guilt.

Seth’s a seer, but ever since his old partner died his powers have been on the fritz.

Enter Conner Sharp, Seth’s sexy and mysterious new partner. While the dark-haired stranger ignites Seth’s desire, he also awakens the seer’s power with every touch. Seth sees their future together – a future rich with lust and danger – but is it a future the enigmatic Conner wants?

As the two men solve a series of murders, their sizzling attraction overflows into the bedroom. Is the overwhelming passion just a fling or is it forever?

Contains graphic m/m sex scenes.

Alpha’s Shadow (Rogue Wolf Book Two)
Conner Sharp, a rogue wolf and murder detective, was supposed to be an alpha – until his pack betrayed him and left him for dead. Then he met Seth Alwen, his new partner, and things started looking up. The beautiful seer lusts after him – even if he keeps an infuriating number of secrets.

But something dangerous is stirring inside Conner. The urges of an alpha wolf he buried years ago are rising to the surface. Whenever Seth is near, the beast threatens to unleash itself on the man Conner cares for the most – the man who might be his long lost mate.

Seth never thought he’d shack up with a shifter, but Conner’s allure is impossible to deny. How will his boyfriend feel about Seth’s carefully guarded past, and the secrets that could rip their relationship apart?

Can Seth deal with the new alpha side of his lover while confiding in Conner what their future holds?

While the two men grapple with desire and trust in their relationship, a new murder threatens Haven City and all her shadow folk. A murder that brings Seth and Conner front and center to a dangerous necromancer and the one group of people the seer wants to avoid more than anything: his own family.

Contains graphic m/m sex scenes

NOTE: This is a previously published work. The title, author, and/or publisher may have changed.


I am use to using other reviews to bounce around ideas with but this one just doesn’t have many out there.  In the story we have two injured souls, I really feel they were both betrayed by family.  I could see how they could connect with this between them.

Seth is recovering from losing his best friend and partner to a on the job shooting that he had forseen and didn’t tell her about.  He is plagued by guilt that is added by his family that he didn’t save her.  Connor is Seth’s new partner.  Connor is a rogue wolf, made that way by his own family that ambushed him and left him for dead.  He feels something for Seth right away but it isn’t what a mate is suppose to feel like and Connor is rogue so believes he CAN’T have a mate.  Connor also hates lies…he knows his partner is lying to him so how can he be falling for the man.

I liked the plot line.  It was paced well with an interesting premise to it.  The crime and the mystery around it are interesting.  I admire the author’s ability to weave together several storylines and connect them throughout the book.  The trouble I had was the wording.  I think it was a little over the top, especially during sex scenes.  Sometimes a little is better than a lot.  There also was one word that kept bugging me…”buckle”.  I always have seen this as “My hips buck into my palm” not “My hips buckle into my palm”.  I know this is small but it REALLY bothered me.

The characters were very well drawn.  I felt like they could be real.  They fell into their character lines and grew appropriately within them.  The author really does have flair for creating characters.

I enjoyed this story overall.  I did wish the descriptive verse used by the author was toned down just a bit, other than that it was a captivating story with amazingly realistic characters.  I will be looking to read more in this world.


Body Magic by Poppy Dennison

Body MagicBody Magic by Poppy Dennison
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press
Novel:  62,781 Words
Purchase at Amazon and Barnes and Noble
Roses:  4

A pack is only as strong as its weakest member. Rocky Harris knows how the system works. He’s been on the bottom rung his whole life. But when his alpha consigns him to the High Moon Pack to help them improve security, he finds his beliefs not just challenged but outright assaulted.

Cade Montgomery’s confidence took a hit when the pack’s cubs were kidnapped on his watch. He’s prepared to do anything to protect his family, even if it means working with Rocky. Maybe Cade doesn’t trust Rocky, but with the turmoil surrounding pack Alpha Gray’s unpopular decision to break tradition and mate with a mage named Simon, Cade knows more threats are coming.

Then someone declares war on shifters and puts the entire pack in danger. Cade and Rocky will need each other’s strengths to survive the impending battle—and the power of their growing attraction.


This is the second in the Triad series.  I really enjoyed the first book.  This book was to be about Cade and Rocky but the focus is pretty split.  This draws a bit from the story.  It was like there were 3 major stories going on.  There was Simon and Gray with their relationship still, the continued unknown threat, and then the Cade and Rocky relationship.  These are left with some issues by the end.  Cade and Rocky are kind of together, looks like Simon and Gray may have council issues still, and the threat is more known now but barely.

I thought the writing was really good.  The transition in view points and scenes were well crafted so that I didn’t get confused.  The characters were as captivating as the last book, we some additions that could get interesting.  I love the new character Riley he seems like a very good addition to the group.

Really the biggest detraction to the book was the amount that was going on.  I am not disappointed by the book or author because of this but it did make the book feel shorter than it was and split my concentration on the various plot points.  I think as this is a series this can be fine as long as the reader isn’t left hanging too long.  Some will think this is a big negative as the book’s blurb makes the story seem more about Cade and Rocky that it really is.  For me the book is more of a continuation of a longer story than an individual book, like serial fiction.

Overall I believe this book is well written enough to carry off the split of the focus.  I really enjoyed it a look forward to reading the next in the series.


Past Tense by Ethan Stone

Past TensePast Tense by Ethan Stone
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Wilde City Press
Novella:  45,000 Words
Purchase at Amazon and Barnes and Noble
Roses:  4

Jason Holt was a young man when he lost everything; his family, his boyfriend, and his safety. He’s been on the run since, hiding from an evil man bent on revenge. Las Vegas was supposed to just be another pit stop in his travels but when he learns the very man he’s hiding from is in Sin City Jason decides it’s time to stop hiding.

Private detective Quinn Reynolds lost the man he loved several years ago and since then he has been hiding from life. He can’t move on and is obsessed with making the man responsible for his lover’s death pay for the crime.

When Jason comes to Quinn for help, Quinn finds a reason to move on. The dangerous situation around them quickly escalates and together they face an unimaginable evil. Can they survive the darkness and make it through to the light on the other side?


Jason is on the run from a former friend that blames him for his father’s death.  Quinn is a PI that Jason hires in an attempt to escape from his past by faking his death.  Quinn has his own past with Jason’s ex-friend; he killed Quinn’s partner and lover.

This had a bit of a feel of two separate story lines, one intense crime thriller and the other paranormal.  The beginning seems more crime thriller but it does hint that there will be a paranormal aspect to it.  The crime thriller is a very interesting plot.  In some ways I think it would have stood very well on its own with no paranormal aspect to it.  To see how Jason confronts his former friend would have made a very interesting ending.  The paranormal changed up the story a lot.  It made it more about fighting evil or “monsters” instead of just humans.  I admit I have seen plenty of paranormal stories and would have enjoyed the thriller more but this was still a very well written and good read.

Jason and Quinn were interesting characters.  Jason didn’t make much sense to me.  Quinn I could get.  He is a romantic but he was saved by his first love and taken in by that man’s family.  Though Quinn lost Liam he had the set up for the perfect love.  Jason, Adian betrayed him in the end or at least we are lead to believe he has.  What I don’t understand is Jason from all appearances had a loving home.  His parents were wonderful examples.  Yes, he had them taken tragically and had to do things to survive but I just don’t see how he would have totally thrown that out.  Also if changing his name and identity didn’t work before I’m not sure how he thought it would work this time either.  On top of that the plan is quickly thrown out and never really discussed again.  These are some plot points I don’t quite understand.

I would love to see more of these two.  I really think there is a lot these have yet to tell us.