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Books dedicated to helping the writing craft. These reviews are done by Lor, a published author.

Writer’s Guide To Character Traits by Dr. Linda Edelstein

11013 Writer’s Guide to Character Traits by Dr. Linda N. Edelestein
Reviewer:  Lor
Publisher:  Writer’s Digest Books
Novel:  word count unknown
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Roses:  5

From serial killers and drug addicts to career professionals, blue-collar workers, and the rich and famous, this book, written by a practicing psychologist, profiles the mental, emotional, and physical characteristics of different personality types. New to this edition:

  • Over 400 easy-to-reference character listings that detail typical behaviors, thought processes, and common reactions to a variety of situations.
  • Sidebars and statistics on personality types not included in the previous edition.

Mix and match traits and quirks for a mix of flaws and strengths to make your characters unique and lively. Psychopaths, cult members, drug addicts, career professionals and philanthropists are all represented. Put your imagination and this instruction together and create characters your readers will never forget!


This book is a little off the beaten path of what we normally review but I felt it needed reviewing. If you’re a writer (of any genre) this book has the potential to help you. Mind you, this book isn’t a guide on how to write a character; its focus is how to make a character deeper and more developed.

Writer’s Guide to Character Traits clearly lays out stereotypes, archetypes both of the normal and abnormal. It provides profiles for whatever personalty quirk your character may have. Adult personality types, child and adolescent types, psychological disorders, criminal types, sexual issues and ordinary/extraordinary events are some of the few categories within this book.

The books intended purpose is to help a writer create a character profile. It doesn’t tell you how to develop characters contextually or add subtext to help flesh out a character. It gives plenty of fodder for thought as to why your character does what he or she does (no matter their age).

If you need a little help with a character or simply want to vary yourself a little more, this book is for you. Overall, I give it five roses.

**NOTE: this review is for the second edition of this book, not the first