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City of Foxes by Cornelia Grey


The last thing Jake Sullivan wanted to do upon returning to the city was get involved in the ongoing struggle between the organized militia and the fox people. After saving a fox child from bullies, however, he finds himself in the heart of the foxes’ slums, where showing his face as a human can be just as dangerous as messing with the militia in the city proper. The proximity of Liam, a white fox with healing powers, certainly doesn’t make things any easier. The attractive fox throws his own powers into an uncontrollable overdrive, not to mention his libido.

When several of the fox people are captured by the militia, Jake’s presence is like salt on old wounds. Prejudices and politics flare, and Jake’s secrets threaten to ruin his shaky alliance. If they are to save the foxes taken by the militia for experimentation, it will take all the cunning and power the clan can muster. Unfortunately, that also means they’ll have to put their trust the one place they’d never imagined: in the hands of a human.


This is a short story that I find I like but I wish was much longer.  Jake is human and comes across some bullies that are mistreating a child who turns out to be a fox, he gets injured and meets Liam, who is  a  white fox and is acting as the leader of his group  in the absence of the chief who was taken to the “lab”. This is a story that is told from Jake’s point of view and the humor between the characters is fast pasted, and has some lines that just makes you laugh out loud. The story is fast over all, grabs at you and is almost impossible to put down, the only sad part is that it ends, but it ends and leaves you feeling like what?? I know I wanted to flip a page and find out more so I Hope another book is coming and this is the first. The author has made me a true fan with this story the writing is humorous, fast pasted and just fun

A very sweet love story that I would have to keep  in my re read bag.


Stepping Stones By Carol Lynne


Stepping Stones by Carol Lynne
Reviewer: Leenie
Publisher: Stiff Rain Press
Short Story: 85 pages
Purchase:  Stiff Rain Press , Amazon and Barnes and Noble
Roses: 4

Donovan has made a new life for himself, far away from his twin .   Declan and all of the feelings that he’s kept bottled up inside for many  years. His friend and sometimes lover Marc has helped a lot, and things are going well until Declan calls, asking for help.

Unable to deny his twin, Donovan pushes aside his feelings and mounts a rescue, taking Declan away from an abusive situation. Between Donovan and Marc, they set Declan on the road to healing, exploring their relationship to the fullest. When Declan’s past comes back to haunt them, they’ll have to pull together to keep each other safe.

Can they make a new life together and survive the hardships they face?


To be honest this is one of my favorite Carol Lynne books, I know that it topic may not be in everyone’s comfort zone as it involves have twincest as well as aménage relationship in it but Ms Lynne handles it in a truly touching way.  The story is about Donovan and his twin Declan, who have been separated but some miscommunications and unfortunate circumstances for a number of years. When tragedy strikes Delcan turns to his twin for help.  Donovan and Marc come to his rescue. The book also deals with domestic violence and abuse, but also surviving it and coming out of it a stronger person. The relationship between the characters can all stand alone as well as together which makes it such a good read. I truly find this worth the read. Ms Lynne wrote a beautiful book
**This is a revised and updated version of a previously released title

The Westerfields of Chatham County By Carol Lynne

The Westerfields of Chatham County  by Carol Lynne  The Westerfields of Chatham County by Carol Lynne
  Reviewer:  Leenie
  Publisher:  Stiff Rain Press
  Short Story: 48 pages,  15,426 words
Purchase: Stiff Rain Press , Amazon, and Barnes & Noble 
Roses: 4

Ian and Bull Westerfield have spent years loving each other in all the ways the law said they shouldn’t. When they come across a drifter looking for work, the brothers invite the stranger into their home, and eventually, to their bed.

Axel Bennett was looking for work, not a home. When an accident leaves him in the hands of the Westerfield brothers, they offer him both. Envious of the bond the brothers’ share, Axel agrees to stay the winter.

Their love will be put to the test—a piece of land or the safety of each other?



This is a story of a unique brand of love,  the love of a brother for a brother , add in a drifter looking for a safe place to work for the winter, a small town set to run the brothers out. We can’t forget the explosive chemistry between Ian and Bull, then when Axel enters. WOW. I will admit this is a topic they may not be for everyone, but this is a great story. The story is short and doesn’t fully explain some of the topics it brings up. It tells of  Ian and Bull and what a  hard life they have had, the love they have for each other. Then Axel comes into the picture. Ian want’s Axel, Bull wants Axel and Axel he wants the brothers. Carol Lynne does a excellent job of bring tenderness and passion to the story. Their chemistry is explosive.

They are cowboys who live in a small town.A town that has found out about the brothers and want to run them out. The problem, Westerfields have lived on the land since Chatham County was founded and Bull doesn’t want to leave.  But  Ian hates having to hide his love of Bull. He hates what his love for his brothers cost them. He has an unsatisfiable sexual appetite.  When Ian and Bull head home from town they run into Axel.  Axel has a unfortunate accident that leaves him in the hands of the Westerfields. Axel, He wants to be in their relationship but doesn’t want to hurt the brothers. As Axel feels frustrated at his lack of involvement with the brothers relationship and tension grows.  Will they realize how much they can offer each other , before everything is taken away. That they fit together, all three and can fit so perfectly if they will just give each other a chance.

I think this is a excellent story of love, forgiveness and what can happen if you open yourself to love.  Ian, Bull and Axel all need healing and though it starts as a sexual relationship to satisfy Ian, it quickly becomes much more. As they fight against prejudice of a small town and have to see if their love is strong enough to keep them together.


Alpha Pride by S.L. Armstrong & K Piet

alphaspride_3d_500Alpha Pride by S.L. Armstrong & K Piet
Reviewer: Leenie
Publisher: Storm Moon Press, Amazon,Barnes&Nobles
Series: Wild Passion
Length: 13,000 words,  22 pages
Roses  3

Alec and Nahale are feral-Maith, genetic offshoots from a fantastic race. Their clan is home to many kinds of feral characteristics, but the powerful predators—wolves and felines alike—are the protectors, hunters, and leaders. Both Alec and Nahele enjoy their arrangement, finding pleasure with one another away from prying eyes, but Alec’s worries about their clan’s security have long fallen on deaf ears.

Under pressure, Alec challenges Nahale for leadership of their clan, threatening to destroy the relationship they’d been building for years. Nahele is anything but weak, and his stubbornness could endanger the clan’s stability, not to mention his own life. When push comes to shove, Nahele isna  confronted with the most difficult choice a leader can face: resist and maintain his pride or yield control of the clan to the feral-Maith he once trusted.


Okay I admit it, I love shifter books and this one is a little different.   I found that I liked it. This race of shifters is already half-human  half-cat/wolf called the feral-Maith. So no actual shifting. There is a little of a spoiler in this review so heads up.  The story centers on Alec and his desire to protect his clan and his growing discontent with his Alpha leadership. There is also a conflict between Alec’s love for his Alpha and his need to protect the clan. Nahele is the Alpha, He see nothing wrong in this clan he has been leading for centuries.

There isn’t a lot of information about their world, I wish there was more description of it,the village, the challenge circle and their hunting grounds. When Alec fights for the title of  Alpha there is is no understanding of the area, it makes it a bit awkward. Now the sex scene which are aggressive. They are definitely designed to show dominance and position in the clan. They may not be for everyone

The story is short but it ask can a submissive, one of the clans gamma , become a strong leader when a clan is in need and can a Alpha, who is a Dominate,  learn to follow when it is in the best  interest of the  clan?  It captures the struggle of Alec and Nahele.  and I found myself rooting for them, even as they struggle to find there way in the new lives and that even as a new Alpha its always alright to let your inner submissive out.

It is worth reading, The sex scenes are hot, aggressive.   You feel the strong connection between Alec and Nahele. Now can they make it work?