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If there’s sex with two penises involved I’m game for it (books too- TeeHee!). I’m a sucker for cross-dressers, androgyny, and effeminate males. I absolutely love dubious consent and anything on the darker side. Kink fiction is my lurve. I don’t mind a little incest action either. I AM WARNING YOU: I am polyamorous myself so trying to get good poly book review out of me is damn near impossible. Though you’re welcome to give it your best shot.

I don’t review books too often nowadays. I know what you’re thinking, But Lor, why? Since becoming a published author I find readers put too much value in my word. I’ve asked other authors about this and they have said the same thing. More or less I only review books of friends (when asked) or if a publisher specifically asks for me. Most of my reviews on here are writer helper books such as character development, editorial references, or research type books. Boring for you, I know, but they’re invaluable to us writerly folk. I’m also (as stated) the admin for Review Roses. This means I make sure everything behind the scenes runs as it should! I also have my writing to do, business to run and family to love. With everything I don’t have much time for actual reading (which is another problem us authors have, believe it or not).

Well that about sums it up, I think. OH! If there’s an uncaught typo from me I didn’t do it… The cat did when she DEMANDED her human time.

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Lor will attend Rainbow Con April 17-20, 2014


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