Leenie’s Bio, Reviewer

I am a from New Jersey and recently moved to Florida and love it here.  The sun is so much fun and better than winter.  I love to read and most times will read any genre. I started reading m/f/m  and moved into m/m , m/m/m, as more of my favorites.  Then I found the Paranormal, Fantasy, and WOW was I in love with reading.  I can honestly say I will stay up all night with a book…  how great is that ..  You name it and I love to read it..

I brought with me to Florida my two babies.. I know  I should but they are my dogs.. two rescues I got in NJ . My little girl is a total mutt and completely crazy, and my baby boy (who my girl adopted) is a Lab/Sheppard mix. They make life interesting and remind me to keep it moving.
But like I said I have my hobbies I love the sun and swimming, taking the dogs, my babies to the beach is fun too. They haven’t figured out the waves yet.



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