Review Roses

Review Roses rates with roses. Enjoy.

Short Story: 1-100 pages
Novella: 100-150 pages
Novel: 150 pages and above

FlowerVintage2 Dead Rose: Just… Don’t even bother…


rose-1One Rose: It’s not really worth your time…


rose-2Two Roses: It’s an “okay” book but we wouldn’t recommend it to friends…


rose-3Three Roses: It’s likable but it didn’t have the “wow factor” we are looking for.


rose-4Four Roses: We couldn’t put it down and want more.


rose-5Five Roses: A hard earned rating from us means. Totally. Blown. Away. If you don’t read it… Well shame on you!


rose-b-1Rose Bouquet: It was so good… we fainted.

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