Review Roses loves reviewing books of all romance genres (though, we have a soft spot for M/M).

What we require:

  • The central plot must be romance
    • Triads and polyamorous couples are more than welcome
  • All sub-genres and themes welcome
    • This includes: incest, non-con, dub-con, ect.
  • Nothing less than 10,000 words
    • Publishers contacting us directly may submit works 10,000 words or less but authors of the work may not (self publishers are exempt from this rule)
  • Anthologies are welcome
  • Trans*, genderfluid, and effeminate males are more than welcome
    • Note: the Transgender characters can be pre or post surgery
    • Truthfully, Lor is a sucker for effeminate males so these works may receive an automatic yes from her

Fill out the form below and we will get back to you with a yes or no as soon as we can.

  • If we say no it’s probably because:
    • We already reviewed the book
    • The book is currently in review
    • A review is pending
    • We don’t have the time
    • The work doesn’t interest us
  • If we says yes:
    • Requester will provide us with a reviewer copy
    • Requester will also provide us with a Word Document excerpt if desired no more than 2,500 words
      • No PDFs please
    • The review will be posted within six (6) months of us receiving the book

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