Alpha’s War by Zoe Perdita

Alpha's WarAlpha’s War by Zoe Perdita
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Eccentric Erotica
Novel:  60,000 Words
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Roses:  3

Sebastian knows criminals. He was raised in a family of thieves. But nothing could prepare him for the charming and dangerous gang leader and alpha wolf, Ian Black.

Since Seb isn’t strong enough to protect himself, he seeks aid from the Black Wolves – the most infamous shifter gang in the city. While the alpha promises to protect Seb, Ian wants something in return. Seb has to pretend to be Ian’s sex slave in public.

Only problem is Seb’s straight – or he thought he was. Ian’s insistence tests his resolve at every turn.

As violence explodes throughout the city, desire sizzles between the cat and wolf. But giving into passion is difficult for Seb who spent his entire life pushing other people away.

Can these two broken men find love in the midst of chaos?

Warning: Contains graphic gay sex scenes.


This is the fourth in the Haven series and second in the Black Wolves series.  Seb is Fisk’s twin.  He is the sick one who was relegated to information gathering for the thieving brothers.  Seb is very smart and has a cunning intelligence.  He is the perfect fit for Ian, alpha of the Black Wolves if only he weren’t straight.  Ian is the fierce leader of the Black Wolves.  He works hard to get his gang to appear a tough and vicious gang in order to rid the Flats of the criminal element that killed his parents.  Now with Seb in the picture he wonders if that is as important to him as it once was.

I think the author is a wonderful writer.  The descriptions were well done and the “world” she has created gets a little more filled in all the time.  I do think that at times her descriptions are a little much but she does a good job of giving the mood and ambiance to the scene being played out.

The characters are better detailed I feel in this one than the previous book.  Ian is more understandable in some of his actions at least now.  I feel we did get to know these two a little more and understand a little of why they act as they do.

The plot was a bit predictable.  It was still entertaining.  I wouldn’t necessarily say it was exciting though.  It seemed more drawn out than the last book.  The strange thing is the ending almost felt…cut short.  We really didn’t see much after the two men really declared themselves and committed to one another.  The end just felt a little wanting for more details.

This was a nice read.  It wasn’t anything wonderful but it was solid and entertaining.  I enjoyed it but was hoping for a little something more.



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