Thief by Zoe Perdita

ThiefThief by Zoe Perdita
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Eccentric Erotica
Novel:  63,000 Words
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Roses:  3

The universe is a bitch.

When Fisk, a cat shifter and thief, is sold into sex slavery, the most dangerous shifter gang in Haven City buys him: the Black Wolves. Problem is, Fisk stole from them three years before, and it cost the wolf gang precious territory. When they find out, they force Fisk to work off his debt. A debt to the tune of half a million dollars.

The universe has a plan.

Ian Black, the gang’s leader and alpha wolf, has plans for Fisk. It’s up to Breaker, the beta, to follow the boss’s orders. Breaker doesn’t expect to fall for the alluring feline with the bad attitude. He’s been nothing but loyal to his alpha and their pack his entire life. But Fisk wakes a desire Breaker’s never known. Only Fisk strikes Ian’s fancy too, and a beta can’t cross an alpha.

The universe has a sick sense of humor.

Fisk finds himself torn between two very different men – Ian, the sexy alpha and Breaker, the stoic enforcer. One of the wolves is his mate, but Fisk isn’t sure how to handle it. Sex is one thing – love is something else.

As passion sizzles between the three men, Breaker feels the truth – Fisk is his mate. How can he choose between loyalty to his alpha and loyalty to his heart?

Contains graphic m/m love scenes.


This wasn’t a book that I expected.  The blurb is quite clear but I really thought it wouldn’t get to the point the story did.  This lost me for romance.  I really didn’t enjoy the whole sex three way thing.  It wasn’t sexy or romantic or the like.  It felt like a betrayal by Fisk and neither man later made any sort of deal out of it.  I just can’t buy that there wouldn’t have been some fall out.  I am trying to put it in “human” perspective but it still isn’t working for me.

The writing was good.  The author made it dramatic and interesting.  True I didn’t like the love triangle thing but the writing was well done.  The characters draw you in and hold you.  The thing with the writing was actually the relationships.  Other than that the plot works.  The descriptions are detailed and color the world well.  I enjoyed that part of the book.  The author does a good job with this world that was created.

As I have said relationships in the story weren’t done very well.  I just didn’t feel that connection with the characters.  The two that end up together, there just wasn’t that connection to fall in love.  If I believe the mate thing is fate and they are supposed to know their mate then why did Fisk sleep with both men?  If I believe that they don’t right away know their mate then how do they figure it out?  Like humans do?  Then I don’t see that they were together enough for love to develop.

Overall, I loved the regular plot of the book but the relationship aspect failed for me.  So I will give it a medium rating. (Please keep in mind even if this is stated as the first in the Black Wolves series it is also third in the Haven City series.  It helps with the world building to read the first two in the Haven City series.)



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