Cinnamon by Derekica Snake

CinnamonCinnamon by Derekica Snake
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  SL Publishing Group
Novel:  488 pages
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Roses:  Bouquet Roses

Xavier Von Drachenfeld is being hailed as the first Lord Emperor in four hundred years, and the Blood Nation is starting to break into factions. The redheaded yearling has more on his plate than he can handle: a stalker, perplexing medical issues, and work, all while still trying to learn what it takes to be a Blue Blood vampire.

However, a powerful Ancient, Hades, has brought his attention on the young assassin. When Hades speaks, the nation listens, whether it be affairs of state, matters of finance, or orders of assassination. What Hades wants, Hades gets, and Hades wants the redhead. Can a minor Ancient such as Claudius defy that authority? Can the broken lover stand up to protect his heart of hearts? Does the Brotherhood of Von Drachenfeld need outside protection?

Then the Lycan Nation begins to move…

Well, this is a Derekica Snake book.  If you have read anything by her you know it is graphic and violent.  Her books aren’t for anyone who has issues with rape and violence.  Plenty of bad/good guys and it isn’t a black and white world.  The hero isn’t always safe from harm and the love interest doesn’t always protect his love, sometimes he is the cause of the pain.

I’m going to try and stay away from the plot because I am afraid if I start I will spill the whole thing!  If you have read the last two of the books then you know in book two there become issues of keeping all the personalities straight.   I did think the author did a good job in this book straightening that all out and now you can see the different person each man becomes.  (I will add here that I really believe that Xavier/Sex/Azreal is more of a realistic split than Marcus/Armor.  They say multiple personalities are rarely ever just two.)  Each of the personalities becomes his own separate person.  Though we didn’t really see much in the split of Marcus/Armor we also see it more clearly now.  The whole of the plot has still not been revealed in this book.  What is revealed though is quite skillfully crafted.  I am continually surprised by the plot’s twists and turns.  The author is an excellent writer and well schooled in her craft.

The details given in scenes make each stand out and live.  You feel the heat, pain, and sorrow, you see and smell the pain, blood, fear, and frustration each scene you read.  People may not care for what the contents of this author’s stories are but they must admit she is wonderful at writing and creating a mood with it.  The characters come alive.  You hate them, you “awww” with them, and you laugh with them.  They are vivid even if you hate them, which I think when you read you will agree Hades is a HATED character.

I believe the author left lots up in the air and many things hinted at.  You wonder if there will be more personalities emerging, will Hades be killed or redeem himself, and WHAT is the deal with the Lycans!  I hate the wait personally but Snake makes it all worthwhile.

So, wrapping up…wonderful writing (maybe with some horrific to us elements), excellent character, plot twists you can’t see coming, and we are left hanging…so good, bad, in-between?  I have learned most of the time that Snake’s writing is love it or hate it…I loved it!  This is one author that knows dark writing at its best!



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