Lycan Partnership by Ariel Tachna

Lycan PartnershipLycan Partnership by Ariel Tachna
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press
Novel:  80,476 Words
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Roses:  4

A spin-off of the Partnership in Blood series. 

By the time the alpha of the Morvan werewolf pack approaches l’Institut Marcel Chavinier for help solving his people’s fertility problems, pack numbers have dwindled and the remaining members are desperate. Though the wizards at l’Institut have no experience with werewolves, their lore, or their brand of magic, Raymond agrees to help.

At l’ANS headquarters, Raymond finds Marc Gourlin, a young wizard fascinated with werewolves. Marc agrees to visit the werewolves’ home to study their rituals for the source of the problem. But when he arrives, he finds himself distracted by Adenet Silaire, the pack shaman. The attraction between them is powerful, but though Marc suspects he might be Adenet’s mate, Adenet rebuffs him. Marc is a man, and Adenet’s sense of responsibility will not let him take a male mate when the pack so desperately needs children.

Meanwhile, Jean and Raymond discover the Aveu de Sang allows a vampire’s Avoué to calm his inner beast. For Jean and Orlando, this is wonderful news—but it only convinces Thierry how much Sebastian is missing out on because they cannot form an Aveu de Sang. Determined to give his partner everything he can, Thierry sets out to recreate the bond denied them by Sebastien’s past.


I enjoyed this book quite a bit.  I actually recognized Tristian when he came into the book; I read his story looooong ago.  The writing was well done.  I think this author really does do a good job with her writing.  The world is complex yet simple to understand and the descriptions are vivid enough to bring you into the story.  The characters are real enough that they are enjoyable.  They aren’t perfect but they are realistic.

The storyline is fairly simple and really the only thing that I can gripe much about is how the story is split up with all the different couples and not concentrated on the main story line.  Still if you have enjoyed the original series that this is “spun” off of then this is a good update on what is happening with them and how they are doing in their lives.

The story is fairly simple for the main thread.  Adenet is the shaman of the wolf pack that comes to Raymond for help.  Raymond sends Marc to help with the pack’s fertility problem since Marc knows the most about werewolf lore that Raymond can find quickly.  Adenet thinks he must participate in the ritual and help the pack by providing pups.  It is obvious to the reader what the problem is but that does little to detract from the story other than a mild frustration.  I must admit to not really liking Adenet.  Even at the end I find myself still upset with the guy.  He is just so dumb about the whole thing.  I don’t understand why he is like that when even his own Alpha is pushing him towards Marc.  Marc I felt was a little too “easy”.  I thought he would have fought more when Adenet was such an idiot.  I think that detracted a little for me.  Most people would have been more upset than Marc and not apologized for running away.  *sigh*  I just want those in the story happy at the end but they have to REALLY realize what they have and pay for mistakes so they get how precious it is.

Overall I must say this is a very good book and well worth a readers time, even if, like me, you haven’t finished the original series that this came from.



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