A Beautiful Disaster by Will Okati

A Beautiful DisasterA Beautiful Disaster by Willa Okati
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Loose Id LLC
Novella:  38,958 Words
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Roses:  2

After being betrayed and abused by an ex-lover, Sean trusts no one–but he can’t help wishing he could trust gentle-hearted tattoo artist Riordan. When these two vulnerable men, scarred inside and out, find each other, neither is willing or able to walk away.

Both starved for touch and lonely in his self-imposed exile, Sean can’t help wanting Riordan both body and soul and in his bed, and Riordan is captivated by the sweet nature and the beauty he can still see beneath Sean’s scars. Yet despite his hunger for affection, Sean can’t break free of a cycle of shame and despair, not even as Riordan’s falling in love with his beautiful disaster.

Will Sean be able to break through the barriers he’s built around himself and let Riordan in–and will Riordan find the key to unlock Sean’s frozen heart?


We see Sean desperately trying to escape his boyfriend, Leo.  He is betrayed and run down by Leo.  We next go to Riordan and his friend Jae.  They see Sean at a bus stop.  This is the first that Riordan and Sean see each other and they think the last but fate has another plan.

This story has LOTS of potential.  I think the plot wasn’t as good as it could have been.  Sean is so wounded in body and spirit.  The biggest snag for me was Sean.  Sean would have been believed more by police and the system.  I’m not saying the boyfriend wouldn’t have gotten off still but he would have been believed.  He would have received counseling I’m sure.  I doubt how damaged he still was would have been missed by the professionals.  Considering that he supposedly didn’t have counseling he seemed like he was more open than I expected.  I also have a hard time with the amount of abuse he went through.  I’m sorry but he tried to escape and had those marks on his back they would have figured out what was happening and helped him more.  I almost wished the author wouldn’t have put in the running over item.  I think the story would have been more believable for me and may have made an even better one.  Sean would still be scarred so it would have fit with the direction of the story.  He would have also still been scared and ready to run which makes even more sense than the way it was portrayed in the storyline.

Riordan was a much more believable character.  That he wasn’t hardened by his work too much isn’t even a stretch.  I think the story was just a little too shallow.  We just don’t get much background details on the two men and so it leaves a lot of emotional detail lacking for the reader.  I wanted to like this story so much more than I did but in the end it failed to live up to the promise in the storyline.



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