Sole Support by Kaje Harper

Sole SupportSole Support by Kaje Harper
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Novel:  118,082 Words
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Roses:  5

He can find a use for his lover’s hands…except when he needs help the most.

Kellen is short on cash—at least until his first novel starts to sell—but he has plenty of friends. None of them, unfortunately, share his love of books. For that he turns to IM chats with Mike from his online book group.

Though he manages to coax the shy, socially inept pathologist into a real-time meeting, Kellen has no intention of letting his new friend become more than a casual lover. Shaky finances and ailing mother aside, self-sufficiency is Kellen’s prime directive.

Mike considers himself a nerd of the highest order—short, bespectacled, prone to blurting out the wrong thing at the worst possible time. Meeting Kellen face to face is the biggest risk of his life, and he wonders if they’ll get more body parts together than just their faces.

First meeting leads to first date—first everything for Mike—and soon Kellen’s faced with breaking his just-friends-with-benefits rule. Yet as his elderly mother wanders deeper into senility, Kellen wonders if it’s better to lean on Mike rather than fall.

Warning: Contains an emotional love story between a too-proud-for-his-own-good writer with an allergy to the L-word, and a painfully shy scientist who takes his sisters’ nagging to “get out there” literally. Oh, and an adorable stray cat.


This is a very different story for me.  Kellen is an only child, whose father died when he was a child.  This had a huge effect of the young Kellen.  Now he has commitment issues.  If he never depends on anyone he can never be left alone.  Mike is a “geek” and a virgin at 37.  Mike has a hard time being social and so has no real social life except online which is where he meets Kellen.  So the two meet and just like one would guess the polar opposites attract.  Kellen though never talks about his private life and when his mother declines believes it is time to cut Mike loose.  When Mike learns the truth of why he was dumped he goes after Kellen to get him back but Kellen still won’t commit.

These are two very interesting characters.   I will admit I had some troubles through the whole book liking Kellen.  He is extremely self-centered, even when he dumps Mike there is a self-centeredness to it.  I never could really get past all his me, me, me.  Mike is so sweet and geeky.  I LOVE the character.  He is a little too good but I can put that niggle aside compared to Kellen.

The writing in this book was excellent.  There was a slow buildup so it takes a while to get into the story and characters.  The situation with Kellen’s mother was very well written.  You can really tell that the author has had experience with this issue.  It was a very moving portrayal of how taking care so some of the issues our elderly have takes a toll on their children, especially an only child with limited resources.  I really think the drama of this was better written than the romance itself.

The writer’s characterizations were enough to make the characters seem very real.  I didn’t like Kellen but I could still feel for him and get a real sense of him as a character.  Mike as well.  He and Kellen’s characters both grew and changed during the story.  They didn’t stretch the imagination to believe they were “real”.

Overall I enjoyed the story, even with contemporary not being my favorite genre.  I thought that the story with its slow buildup and realistic characters was a solid read and believable.  The author’s writing is enough to make me believe I would enjoy their other books.



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