Syler’s Savior by Grace Lynn

Syler's SaviorSyler’s Savior by Grace Lynn
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Siren-BookStrand, Inc.
Short Story:  20,051 Words
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Roses:  3

King Syler has the worst luck. After being forced into an unwanted marriage as a young man, he now is free to choose a Queen that will have the people’s best interests at heart. Alone in the underprivileged Third Class, Syler saves Frost from the lashing post. Can Syler manage to keep the politics at bay, all the while fighting his growing attraction for Frost?

Frost Santaz is nothing special. Well, almost nothing. He works at the decrepit Third Class Orphanage and pulls his community service hours like everyone else. As the Prince of Third Class it’s his duty to protect his class from any more harsh laws that will eventually unfold into a Civil War. Frost has done his best to avoid a war he knows will cost more than it can gain. When King Syler needs him, Frost has found his way to save his class, and kingdom, but can he save himself from Syler?


First of all I try not to hold editing against an author.  This book was in need of a better editor.  There were many problems with sentences and words that threw me out of the story and interfered with the read.  Though I do try not to hold this against an author it can affect how I review it because I don’t get to be swept away, like I should, by the writing.

Syler lives in a world that has modern convinces but is struggling with feeding its people.  Syler is the king but the kingdom is also ruled by a council that contains more power than the king.  Syler has been struggling to help his people against a corrupt council.  Now with his ex-wife on the same side as the council Syler’s struggle is that much harder.  Syler goes to the lowest class’s district and while there the guards of the area turn on him declaring the king dead and Syler an imposter.  Frost is a man that also works for the good of his people, those of the lowest in third class.  When Frost is saved from a whipping by Frost, Frost helps Syler to escape the third district and to try and get back his kingdom.  Neither expected that they would also fall in love on the way.

The story line of this book really worked for me.  Frost and Syler almost suffer from insta-love but it really didn’t bother me much in the whole of the story, though I would have liked a bit more time for the relationship to grow to that.  The writing was well plotted out and the suspense of the read was good.  I thought there may have been a little too much effort put into wording the descriptions differently.  It was a little flowery and the words didn’t always work for me.  Sometimes less is more.

The characters were interesting.  I would have loved a longer read to really get to know them and their background.  Since this was a short read, I think the author did well with what was given about the men.  Syler was, in my mind, a bit more interesting of the two.  I think most readers would like to know how someone in Syler’s position ended up so different than most of his rank.  Why did he become so invested in the lower class and equality for the people instead of the status quo?  He seemed a little softer than one would expect.  Frost, who has a great name, is like I would expect from someone in his position.  It is inferred that Frost was one of the fortunate ones to have a little better quality of life than most of the third class.  Frost is a strong presence in the story and makes for a fun read.

Now as stated before there were some issues with editing.  I really wish that some presses would spend a little more time editing the writing.  This time and again threw me out of the reading and made me go back to reread a passage to see if I could understand it the second or third time around.  I had one other issue with the story.  Near the end there is talk about a guard and a girl from the third class and how marrying her would mean giving up his class so that means you marry down in this world yet we later see that not happening.  The author doesn’t explain this so I am unsure what to think.  I can guess why but I don’t know.

Overall it was a fun read.  I wish I could give the read a little higher rating but I just think that it doesn’t have the emotional depth and consistency to give it higher.  I do hope that the author will make sure to get a better editing job done before release the next time.



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