Tiocfaidh Ar La by Angelia Sparrow and Noami Brooks

Tiocfaidh Ar LaTiocfaidh Ar La by Angelia Sparrow and Noami Brooks
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Storm Moon Press
Short Story:  14,300 Words
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Roses:  2

NOTE: This book was originally included in the Carved in Flesh anthology from Storm Moon Press.

After enduring a brutal assault, IRA explosive expert Seosamh O’Brien, fled his war-torn homeland for America. Now Joe Colson, he wears his scarred face like armor and keeps out the whole world, protecting the meager little life he’s carved out for himself as an illegal immigrant in the Boston slums. But a night programmer with a face like an an angel and an elfin grin full of mischief gets past the armor and scars, and into the softer places of Joe’s heart, before he quite realizes what is happening.


This is a hard book to review.  I admit to knowing nothing about the IRA and the rest that the main character was involved with/in so I don’t know the kind of research done on that subject so I can only come at this as a pure fictional work.

Joe is a man nearing 50.  He is badly scarred and believes with his past he will have no chance at ever having a relationship.  Along comes Ryan who seems to see past the scars and age to the man beneath.

This was a very shallow read.  We learn some about Joe and really nothing on Ryan.  It makes it hard to understand Ryan and his devotion to Joe.  Joe is ran down.  He just coasts day to day.  He really has no goals other than to get through each day.  Ryan is the one to bring him out of that.  Ryan gives back a little happiness to Joe.  Joe is a pessimist though and with good reason.  He has seen and done some bad things.  Life is not all sunlight and roses and especially not for him.

I thought the writing was well done.  It wasn’t overtly flowery and it was just dark enough to set the tone for the whole of the story.  We really get so very little of Ryan he really isn’t all that impressive to the reader.  Joe is the main character and we catch glimpses of his background and what he was and is now.  I think it would have helped to understand a little more of his time in Ireland.  The writings lack of character information or really emotional involvement made it difficult to connect to the characters and story.  I never really got into the story and so it didn’t really stick with me like good writing can do.  I think the idea was sound but the characterizations were lacking.


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