Obedience Classes by Sean Michael

Obedience ClassesObedience Classes by Sean Michael
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Storm Moon Press
Short Story:  10,500 Words
Purchase at Amazon and Barnes and Noble
Roses:  1

When his pack alpha becomes fed up with his rebellion, werewolf Trevor is overdue for an attitude adjustment. Lone wolf Dirk is charged with this task, as a favor to the pack. Dirk, though, seems more interested in claiming Trevor for himself, by any means necessary. And regardless of Trevor’s feelings on the matter.


Trevor is rebelling as most kids his age do.  Unfortunately that is not allowed in a werewolf pack.  This is a danger to Trevor and humans.  To “tame” Trevor his alpha sends in Dirk.  Dirk is more interested in the fact that Trevor is gay like him so he takes the chance to have a mate.

I think for the dub-con to work the story needed to be longer and more involved.  I just couldn’t believe Trevor would have any emotional attachment with Dirk except hate and fear.  There is no real attempt on Dirk’s part to build anything.  It was just assumed by the story that suddenly having sex would magically fix everything.  Ok, I get that for this world having sex with another wolf must create a bond because it is inferred but I don’t buy that it magically fixes everything between the two men.  This was basically sex with no plot.  The sex scenes aren’t even believable, sex and no lube, not even spit…..O_O  Yikes.

The writing itself was ok, nothing bad or good.  I just couldn’t connect with either character.  I just didn’t get enough of THEM.  Overall the story just didn’t work for me.



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