Getting Gabe by Amer Kell

Getting GabeGetting Gabe by Amber Kell
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  AKell
Short Story:  17,500 Words
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Roses:  1

Unaware he has werewolf DNA, Gabriel is stunned to learn after an attack that he now has the ability to change into a wolf. Still reeling from the discovery of his family genetics he is surprised when his wolf self tried to claim a pair of twin fae.

Vien and Viell had come to help Anthony discover more about the mutant threat. When they discover a wolf shifter who claims to want them both they are shocked to realize they might have been looking in the wrong place their entire lives.

Note: There is no sexual contact between the twins.


Gabe is a human that works for Anthony as an architect.  One night after being out with his best friend, Gabe is attacked by mutant werewolves.  Anthony and his guards arrive in time to stop Gabe from becoming a mutant but his recessive werewolf DNA is kick started and Gabe becomes a werewolf.  When Gabe wakes up from all of this he meets his mates, twin faes there to liaison between Anthony and the fae king about the mutant problem.

This book just didn’t do it for me.  I never connected with Gabe or the twins.  Viell we never really get to know at all and Gabe and Vien little more.  The mating is quick, Gabe’s training happens quickly, and the trip to the fae world is quick.  Everything happens very fast with little to no explanation.  I just couldn’t grasp much before it was over.  It all happened so easy too.  Really there was very little angst in the story until the very end and with the depth of the story it didn’t have near the impact it should have.

The writing was jumpy and choppy.  It was more like the book had separate scenes for each major part and they weren’t merged together to create a story, reminds me a bit of reading a journal.  There was natural progression from one “scene” to the next. The ménage isn’t even a true one.  It is more like two relationships together.  The twins don’t interact sexually so for me that makes it less of a true ménage relationship.

I have enjoyed this author before but this was not one of her better works for me.  I would have enjoyed a longer read to actually get to know the characters so I could connect to the story and all that happens.



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