Four Under the Mistletoe by Charlie Richards

Four Under the MistletoeFour Under the Mistletoe by Charlie Richards
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  eXtasy Books
Short Story:  39,359 Words
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Roses:  3

Rance Diallo, alpha of the Catskill Mountain cougar pride, knew the moment he heard Terence and Samson speak telepathically that he needed them for his betas. So sticking his neck out for them and asking charges of kidnapping against them be dropped by Ben Maxwell, the alpha of the nearby wolf pack, didn’t seem like too big of a risk. It took Rance a while to realize the two men were also his mates and manage to convince Terence and Samson of that fact.

Rance successfully bonds with his new betas not a moment too soon, because the visions of his alpha-mate come fast and furious. But Paul is a human, and not just any human, he’s the brother of the woman that Terence and Samson inadvertently helped kidnap a couple months ago. Convincing his newly bonded betas that the man who makes up the fourth to their pride’s inner circle is so close may be the easy part, because they’ll also need to persuade Ben to let the three cougars onto the wolf’s territory to meet and court the human. And if they somehow manage that, they’ll need to convince Paul, a widower with a three-year-old son, that there really are paranormal creatures in the world and that he’s the mate of three male cougar shifters. But even if the human accepts them, will Rance’s cougar pride?


This is a follow up to Blue Moon Mating.  This book is focused on the cougar pride which resides next to the wolf pack.  Rance is the alpha of the pride and must convince Samson and Terence, a mated couple to mate with him as well.  He knows that they are two of his three mates.  Unfortunately the couple doesn’t know about the dynamics of the inner circle of a pride.  Once the three do get together Rance receives a vision of their last mate.  Now they have to convince a human Paul to mate with the three of them.

This was a cute, short story.  The characters aren’t real deep nor is the situation extremely angsty, there just isn’t the length in the story to get all of that in along with the coming together of the four men.  I felt that the writing was good.  The flow of the story made sense and the situations themselves, given the paranormal aspect, appeared natural.  I would have rated this book higher if the book had been longer in order to incorporate all that the story had.  It would have been a much stronger story if there was more conflict.  As it stands the story is fun but light.



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