The Obscurati by Wynn Wagner

The ObscuratiThe Obscurati by Wynn Wagner
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press
Novel:  66,760 Words
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Roses:  2

Vamp Camp Book Two

A hundred years after his turning, Mårten Larsson and his lover Oberon have taken the compassion and caring they found in Vamp Camp and created an empire that brings balance to vampire society around the world. Once two giddy young vamps, now they’re the most formidable vampire hit squad in history: The Obscurati. As the “Unseen Death,” the duo enforces vampire law. When a vampire breaks the rules anywhere in the world, or when the local vampire leaders can’t control a situation, that’s when The Obscurati show up. Mårten and Oberon turbo-charge the action with the latest in anti-vamp firepower and more, all the while pushing their steamy relationship to the next level.


This is the second book in the Vamp Camp series.  Marten and Oberon continue their life together.  They are moving up in the vampire world.  They are asked and agree to join a special team of vampires that take out the “problem” vamps in the world.  The group is super secret; no one is to even know the name of the group, so Marten calls it the Obscurati, “The Hidden Ones.”

This seems to really have little to no plot.  It seems like a bunch of scenes from Marten’s life.  It just seems like…almost a journal with a few flashbacks.  I think the writing is good but I don’t see a storyline or plot to it.  Descriptions are very detailed.  I love hearing how Marten describes his surroundings and life.

Now I didn’t really love this book.  The language got a little repetitious and childish, considering the “age” of the storyteller.  I thought there would be more progression in the people than there was.  I really didn’t see much growth.  There was SOME but not like one would expect.

This book had the humor of the previous, which is just so fun.  The no plot really doesn’t allow any connect to the story because it just doesn’t seem to really go anywhere.  I really can’t figure out the connection for Marten to Oberon.  I know the relationship is open but Oberon doesn’t seem to spend much time actually WITH Marten.  He is having sex, tinkering in his lab, or they are off on a mission.  Considering they only have daylight hours, there just doesn’t seem like much time for that intimate connection.  But they do understand each other really well and care a great deal for each other.  I can see that they are there for each other in the bad.

Really the lack of plot along with some of the silly phrasing of words made this not all that an enjoyable read for me.  I was willing with the last to believe that it was a background and set up book so the lack of plot wasn’t as big an issue, but this just continues that trait and is making the series boring.  I am willing to read another book in the series in the hopes that the next will give me more.


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