Psychic Moon by M.D. Grimm

Psychic MoonPsychic Moon by M.D. Grimm
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press
Novella:  24,400 Words
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Roses:  3

The Shifters: Book One

Humane Officer Derek Wiliams has been toying with the idea of asking out Brian O’Donogue since the veterinarian started working at the Pet Rescue Center two years ago. So why hasn’t he made his move? It’s complicated… but it has something to do with the fact that Derek occasionally likes to run around on four legs instead of two.

Recovering from an abusive relationship and hiding supernatural abilities of his own, Brian takes a chance and agrees to go on a date with Derek. The ensuing relationship is better than either of them could have hoped—until a rogue wolf shifter attacks Brian while he’s walking his dogs. The abrupt attack forces Derek to confront his feelings, but the danger isn’t over. The rogue shifter is out there, and he’s hunting them.


I’m going to be just a bit generous here.  Derek is a wolf shifter who works as a Humane Officer.  Horrible job for a shifter to work but Derek wants to save animals like his family does.  Brian is a veterinarian who works with the animals that Derek collects.  Brian seems to have a great affinity for animals.  He knows how to calm them and help them get better.  He has performed “miracles” with the animals compared to other vets.  Derek wants Brian and Brian is secretly in love with Derek but neither will make a move.  Finally Derek does.

This is a cute story that is a sweet, comfy read.  I enjoyed the characters and though predictable the plot.  The major problem with the book is no depth.  I never, except a very small glimpse, the background of either of the main characters.  There really isn’t supporting characters.  The book would have been so much better just filling in the backgrounds of these two men.  Now this is a first book in a series so it is possible that maybe later in the series that will happen but it is hard to become involved with the characters when you have so little to go on.  It was a disappointment, but because of the fact that this is a first book in a series I am willing to give some leeway.  I also have a soft spot for easy romances.  They can be a wonderful comfort read.


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