When I Fall by Belinda McBride

When I FallWhen I Fall by Belinda McBride
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Loose Id, LLC
Novel:  52,661 Words
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Roses:  3

As king, Helios Dayspring is desperate to secure the future of his people and their new homeworld. His lost memories are slowly returning, bringing with them danger and betrayal.

As the king’s consort, Griffin Hawke wrestles with growing isolation from his lover. When Helios’s secrets begin to come to light, Griffin finds that he barely recognizes him anymore. And Griffin is haunted by his own secrets, nightmares that bring torture and death in his sleep.

Surrounded by enemies and allies, seductive aliens and dangerous operatives, Helios and Griffin find themselves tested to their physical and moral limits. Not knowing who to trust, they can only turn to each other.

Will you be there to catch me when I fall?

Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: male/male sexual practices, violence.


This is the second book in the An Uncommon Whore series.  I really didn’t think this was as good as the last.  This time the POV is from Griffin.  I did feel the author let down a lot of readers in the way he was portrayed.  He was a very insecure man.  I think this wasn’t too unexpected given how he was about his scars and eye but he really went off the deep end about secrets.  I really believe a man of Griffin’s position would understand and know that Helios would have secrets, that as king and priest, he couldn’t reveal to ANYONE.  Griffin is even keeping one and instead of being understanding he is suspicious and jealous of everything.  This might have to do with the way his relationship changed so dramatically with the two men’s return to their people but it did have a negative impact on the character.

The world building was much better in this book.   We learned a little more about everything in this story.  I was glad that Helios seemed to take well to being a leader.  It was interesting to see him through Grif’s eyes.

The writing was good.  The plot line was easy to follow and made sense.  I was disappointed in the overall story line though.  I thought there would be a little more focus on the relationship between the two men but it felt like it was more about the new world and the people’s growth there and in politics.  I really felt out of the story.  I couldn’t connect to most of the story line and really didn’t become involved until the end when the tide seemed to turn back to the two men and their family.

Overall I think the story was good just not good enough to capture and hold me.  I hope that the next book in the series will find a balance between the world building and the relationship.



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