Nephilim Prophecy by Adrienne Wilder

Nephilim ProphecyNephilim Prophecy by Adrienne Wilder
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Loose Id LLC
Novel:  88,963 Words
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Roses:  5

Genre: LGBT, Fantasy & Paranormal
Series: The God Code

Indigo Black is Palet: a human cursed with the ability to see the Demonic, trained to hunt and kill them. Since the peace Covenant was implemented by the Church, Palet have not been allowed to seek out the Demonic. And the one time Indigo challenged the Covenant nearly cost him the life of his lover and guardian angel, Ariel. Indigo was forced to watch Ariel suffer. They broke his wings and cast him out of Heaven, and the burden of that guilt has cost Indigo everything.

But now the rules are changing. The Demonic have broken the Covenant by creating a creature that should not exist: a Nephilim with a human soul who can withstand being possessed by the most dangerous members of the Demonic Parliament.

With the rise in power of the Demonic, Indigo must face the darkest battles of his life: one which will decide the fate of mankind, and another which will decide the fate of his heart.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: male/male sexual practices, violence (including non-consensual sex).


There are essentially 3 main characters, Indigo, Ariel, and Neko.  Indigo is a human but he is an “enhanced” human that fights demons.  He is also the central character in this story.  Ariel is an angel, Indigo’s guardian angel.  The two men are bonded and in love.  Ariel was punished for interfering with free will.  Ariel saved Indigo but it cost him.  Since Ariel’s punishment Indigo has been unable to forgive himself or Ariel.

Serenity, the side of the angels and humans, and Chaos, the demons, has a convent that ended the fighting between the two sides.  Indigo has never been for it or believed that the demons haven’t been breaking it.  He just hasn’t had proof.  Neko, is an erotic dancer and ward of a man named Eami.  Neko is in love with another dancer named Jake.  The two haven’t been able to be together though since Eami has demanded that Neko remain a virgin.  On Neko’s 21st birthday though, Eami has promised that Neko can be with Jake but only if their first time is a performance.  They agree.  They have no idea that Eami isn’t what he seems and neither is Neko.  The three men’s lives are about to collide.

I really was unsure of this book.  It looked a bit complex and at times it is.  The writing was excellent.  The descriptions used were detailed without being overwhelming.  I thought the world building was very interesting considering the immense complexity of the world being created.  The characters were each unique.  They grab your attention and hold it.  They aren’t pure characters.  They show their individual good and bad sides.  In overall I would say the overall feel to the story is more on the dark side than light and good.

The story line is interesting and complex.  I wouldn’t say overtly complex but it keeps you guessing as to what is happening and definitely what will happen next.  I enjoyed the whole of the story but was a bit disappointed with the end.  I’ve become too complacent with simple HEA endings.  This isn’t necessarily one of those.  I won’t say it is an unhappy ending but it wasn’t all smiles and rainbows either.  I am thrilled there will be more books for this world.  There is no doubt I want to see what will happen to these men.



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