Racing the Moon by B.A. Tortuga

Racing the MoonRacing the Moon by B.A. Tortuga
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Torquere Press
Novel:  47,458 Words
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Roses:  2

Sonny has a shipment to deliver. Moonshine, the old fashioned way. Too bad some jerk blew up his road in the Carolina mountains, keeping him stuck, high and unfortunately dry.

MJ is on a mission, ridding the world of another environmental threat, shutting down a logging organization. Running into Sonny in the foggy woods throws a wrench in his plans. But it’s when Sonny kidnaps him for an impromptu vacation that things go completely awry. Do these two have enough in common to prove they can give the moon a run for its money?


MJ is an environmental terrorist, kinda.  He is more of demo man that is paid to blow up things that are messing with the environment.  Sonny is a country man who is also a moonshine runner.  The two meet up and it is a huge fight.  Sonny is determined to keep ahold of him in case he runs to tattle his location before Sonny can get his moonshine shipment out.  MJ just wants to go to the beach.

MJ is a dangerous man with very set likes.  He likes the beach, his comforts, and money.  Sonny is more laid back.  Sonny is easy going and humorous.  Both men like their cars.  Sonny and MJ fight and hurt each other but it seems for these two it’s all part of the attraction.  When they have to run to avoid the men looking for MJ, Sonny dopes up MJ and take him to the beach.  Sonny REALLY likes MJ.  When MJ is called back in for a job and it goes belly up it is up to Sonny to save him.

The writing was a little choppy.  This is the author’s style but some of the word choices just aren’t that great.  The plot was fun and adventure filled.  As far as the characters go, I have a hard time believing these two would fall for each other that quickly and after insisting neither of them would bottom and never have they cave to each other awful fast!  I do like the characters and the slight grittiness of the story.  My trouble came with it being a bit of a wish-washy attempt at it.  It seemed like the author wanted the best of both worlds, a cutesy romance and a grittier novel.  Neither of which could be accomplished.  Still it was entertaining and fun to read.



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