Vassily the Beautiful by Angel Martinez

Vassily the BeautifulVassily the Beautiful by Angel Martinez
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Silver Publishing
Novel:  69,434 Words
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Roses:  4

Vassily Belikov, composer and pampered son of privilege, suffered neurological damage in the accident that killed his father. Resentful of being treated as an invalid, he lives as a recluse, dependent on his mother. That changes the day she brings home a new husband with two sons of his own.

When deep-space pirates capture Vassily’s mother, he’s left to the mercy of his cruel, amoral stepfather. Fighting addiction and his physical shortcomings, he’s forced to seek out the criminal mastermind Baba Yaga for a crucial piece of equipment. While she agrees to deal with him if he beats his Exoticus addiction, paranoia and mysterious intentions infuse her household. Drawn to her fierce, suspicious youngest son, certain his actions are all carefully observed, Vassily must find the courage to face both his fears and his desires if he expects to survive.


This book starts off with a bit of disbelief.  I have a hard time with Vassily’s mother would have been quite so clueless about her new husband.  I was also a bit astounded by her reaction to Anton hitting Vassily.  I really didn’t see that coming!

The writing is well done.  I’ve enjoyed every book I have managed to read by this author.  I believe her voice is unique and give the story a little something I don’t usually find in other authors.  The plot line flows well.  The ideas addressed in the story are many and varied.  There are disabilities, addiction, crime, and even the idea of messing in genetics.  It seems like a lot to cover well but the author went with the ideas as they regarded the story and not in any deep or social way.  I did think the ending was a little…pat/easy.  I thought there would have been a bit more drama even though considering the characters and story line it does make sense.  I was just expecting MORE.

The characters are great.  I loved them all.  Each were very individual and interesting.  Vassily was actually my least liked character, he was a little pale.  I didn’t see him as vividly as the others.  He just screamed victim throughout the story.  There were sections where he shone a little more but overall he was just…pale.  Sumi needs someone to protect though and Vassily needs protecting.  Vassily is also good at seeing beyond the surface with Sumi.  I thought the relationship between the “brothers” was interesting as well.  They had a good childhood even if their adult life is a little different.  They know they were wanted and they have purpose.  They are interesting men.  I would love a follow up for the brothers.  I just felt there could be more for them.



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