Triangle: The Complete Series by Susann Julieva and Romelle Engel

Triangle The Complete SeriesTriangle: The Complete Series by Susann Julieva and Romelle Engel
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Self
Novel:  124,000 Words
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Roses:  3

When James falls in love with Casey, he knows he is in for trouble. Not only is Casey his best friend, he is also straight – or so James thinks, until notorious heartbreaker Danny Rizzo completely shakes things up. With troubled Nick adding his very own demons to the mix, nothing is set, and no-one is safe from surprises. Soon James finds himself faced with the question: Who does he really want to be with? For only one of them will stand by him as he struggles to face a chilling secret buried in his past…

Unique and unconventional, Triangle was first published chapter by chapter on the internet, growing novel-length without being a novel in the classical sense. It is a love story told in fragments, granting glimpses into the complex relationships between James, Danny, Casey, and Nick while always leaving room for imagination.


To listen to the description of this book becomes very confusing.  There is James, who is THE central character, Casey, James’s best friend and crush, Danny, who likes James and who Casey likes, and last is Nick who comes in about halfway through and is REALLY into Danny.  Yes, this sounds really confusing.  But the first part deals with the triangle of James, Casey, and Danny.  James is a loner who really doesn’t like people.  Casey is way sweet.  He really has no clue when it comes to life.  James has been into Casey for a long time but thinks Casey is too good for him and straight.  Danny is the popular boy that everyone wants and wants to be.  Danny is a thorn in James’s side.  James has seen Danny go through sex companions like tissue.  When he realizes that Casey wants Danny James tries all he can to get Danny to leave.  James really hates Danny.  Suddenly though Danny turns James’s world upside down and shows that he is after James!  Casey wins though when he finds out that James loves him.

The story continues on from there and without giving away everything I will go on to says Nick comes in about halfway through.  Nick is a druggie and alcoholic.  He is in theater with Danny.  Danny sleeps with Nick in order to make James jealous, because James even with Casey finds himself wanting Danny.

Danny is terrible.  He uses people to get what he wants.  He has no idea what it is like to not get something.  He is a spoiled brat that even though he changes with the story I still can’t like.  James isn’t much better but at least I can understand him.  He is cold but is damaged.  He honestly is at heart a good guy just a bit broken.  Casey and Nick aren’t delved into as much.  Casey seems way too…nice.  He is a goody, goody times two.  He is a hard character to believe.  Nick is a totally broken character.  I really felt for Nick.  He is used by Danny and just when he tries to reach out he is rebuffed.  Yes, Nick was an unlikable character for quite a while but he knows it and when given the chance changes.

The authors did a good job of getting the readers into the characters.  The read itself is choppy and jumpy.  This was originally written in chapters online as described.  Still I think the back and forth in time frames was at times difficult to follow and made the reading not flow well.  The changing POV’s were nice in giving us a bit more insight into the other characters.  James being the main force in the story didn’t change but our thoughts of the other characters were influenced by the changes.  They were a good strategy for the reader to sympathize or at least understand the characters and situations from each character’s viewpoint.

Overall, I liked the story.  I thought the concept of the story was a different one and that drew me into reading.  The style of writing could have been smoother even given how it was originally written.  I think also the ultimate turnaround in James, Casey, and Danny wasn’t very believable.  I just couldn’t grasp their changes.  Nick’s was the most realistic.  Though James is the character of focus I didn’t really connect with him like I did Nick.  I think in the end the story pales for me after reading about Nick.  His story just hit me more and seemed to contain a better “feel”.  The three other characters just seemed a bit immature in their relationships.  I do believe by the end the others had made quite the turnaround but they lost something coming to that point.



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