The Colony Book 2: Revolution by J. Tomas

The Colony Book 2 RevolutionThe Colony Book 2:  Revolution by J. Tomas
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Queerteen Press
Novel:  59,874 Words
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Roses:  4

Sequel to The Colony Book 1: Rebellion

The only way sixteen-year-old Aine and his true Other Kyer can be together is to escape the Colony with its Code, its pills, and its constant monitoring. Breaking out of the Colony was hard enough, but living outside of its protective walls proves to be even harder.

The boys have been raised to believe all life outside the Colony was destroyed by the last war. However, Aine soon discovers this is a lie. On their first day of freedom, they meet Sinda, a girl their own age who has grown up in the harsh new world outside the Colony. In return for some food, she agrees to help them out and leads them underground, where people must live to avoid predators, acid rain, and disease.

It doesn’t take long for Aine to tire of living hand to mouth. He misses the comforts of his bed, his friends, and his family. Why should he be the one to run away? He and the boy he loves have done nothing wrong.

Aine is destined to be the next Overseer, so why can’t he return to the Colony and start a revolution to change the way things are run? Why can’t people love who they want to, rather than who they’re told to? Why can’t they think for themselves, and live as they want?

When he receives a message from Brin that she, too, has stopped taking her pills, Aine realizes he isn’t the only one unhappy with the Code. If he and Kyer return, maybe they can enlist their friends’ help to bring about some much-needed changes.

But breaking back in proves even harder than breaking out. They must dodge the Officers, evade the Monitors, and convince a drug-controlled Colony it deserves better. But will anyone listen to them? Or will they be caught and medicated back into compliance?


This is a continuation of a previous book “The Colony Book One: Rebellion”.  Aine and Kyer are outside the Colony.  They must find a way to survive out in the world.  They do not start out very well.  They fall asleep on the beach and wake up covered in sand fleas.  Luckily after they wash off a girl calling herself Sinda finds them and helps them discover what living outside of the colony is like.  The boys find it a difficult existence.  No running water, limited electricity, constantly salvaging for food, and staying below ground except in early morning to avoid burning and acid rain.  This is not what the boys had hoped for their life outside the Colony.  Finally they decide to go back and reclaim their places in the Colony but on their terms.

They writer does a good job of engaging the reader and showing them the details of this future created world.  You can feel and see what the characters are seeing and feeling.  Aine is the “voice” of the story and you get to know him well.  He seems like what he is, a scared, confused boy who finds the will to fight for what he believes in though the odds are against him.  For me this is just like a teen, they don’t have the pessimism that an adult would.  Teens and children believe they can do anything.  That they will succeed even against all odds.  Unfortunately we don’t get much of the other characters.  They are a lot flatter than Aine and react as one would expect in accordance with the story.

I did love the story.  It is perfect for a young adult to see that one person can change the world or at least their corner of it.  I do wonder if there was enough action for the kind of world created.  There was really no fighting involved but still lots of plotting and running around.  I did enjoy it and it is a fairly tame read for younger teen.  There is no sex only kissing and some light “making out”.  I would recommend it for those teens on the younger side of YA as introduction to gay romance and a “hero” in the story being gay.



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