Queen’s Man by K.D. Sarge

Queen's ManQueen’s Man by K.D. Sarge
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Turtleduck Press
Novel:  78,270
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Roses:  4

Joss Ravid works security for a major tribe on Kari’s Star, but he’ll tell anyone that he doesn’t actually care if the ruling families kill each other off. He’s not interested in politics; he just likes getting paid to hit jerks, and also the many opportunities for hitting on straight men. The Galactic-imposed Interdiction may keep Kari citizens stuck on their war-torn world, but Joss has connections. If the situation gets too messy, he can leave whenever he wants.

He’ll also tell anyone he doesn’t care about girls, but that doesn’t stop him from rescuing 12-year-old Paige Carlyle, newly arrived on the planet and newly orphaned by tribe violence.

If Joss were making a “don’t care” list, though, at the very top would be Zeke Cayden, Heir to powerful Tribe Cayden. Never mind that he and Joss were lovers; that’s long gone. Saving Zeke’s life when the shooting starts is just business. Some tribes don’t want peace, and killing a Galactic citizen like Paige—or controlling Cayden through the Heir—would serve them well.

So Joss is on the run, risking his life, his pretty face, and his precious liberty to keep Paige and Zeke alive and the peace plan that can lift the Interdiction on track. Why? Because…how often does a guy get to piss off half a planet while displaying his talents for woodcraft, cross-dressing, and scaring straight men?

When Paige is kidnapped, though, the lives of Paige and Zeke, the leadership of Cayden and the future of Kari’s Star all ride on the wrinkled shoulders of Joss’ work suit and he has to decide—does he care, or not?

The book opens quickly and leaves you little time to learn about the world you are in, you learn as you go.  Joss is one of the main characters and is thrown into a murder quickly.  He is a man of action and though he can’t save the man he just slept with he does save his daughter.  Eventually Joss is saddled with the girl, Paige, and his ex-lover/stalker Zeke.  Zeke is determined to have the smaller redhead for himself.  The three are forced to run for their lives.  Joss is the fighter and survivor that is determined to get them all out of this safely, even while acting like he could care less for the two others.

Joss is a very engaging character.  Despite his standoff attitude and his ego you get to like the man.  Zeke is never delved into too deeply.  You know he wants Joss and is determined to have him but that is about all as far as his character goes.  Joss doesn’t want to be kept.  He likes Zeke but is afraid he would be smothered if he stayed with him.  The characters are a great draw in this book.  They are funny and sarcastic.  Zeke seems to be the “straight man” in the group and doesn’t have as much of that spark to his character that the others do.

The plot line is fun and easy to follow.  There really isn’t romance in the story.  It seems to be more action and adventure.  I think with Joss being the focus of the story and his lack of…”softer” emotions it makes sense that you don’t see much of what is between Joss and Zeke.  By the end of the story just enough has leaked out to let you see that Joss really does care for Zeke.  I do wish there had been a little more interaction between the two men to make the relationship seem more solid though.  They really don’t have much of that during the whole of the book.  Other than that this was an excellent read.



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