Forgotten Lullabies by Kallysen

Forgotten LullabiesForgotten Lullabies by Kallysen
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Online
Short Story:  17,560 Words
Available at Online Site
Roses:  2

In the novels Fangs & Lullabies and Demons & Lullabies, I have attempted to give readers a peek into the very unusual family formed by Jacob and his fathers, Andrew and Nicholas, both of whom are vampires. These two stories offer snapshots of Jacob’s and his fathers’ lives from his birth to adulthood.

This sample ebook is constructed the same way, although with fewer and shorter snapshots. Some of them were written as answers to prompts from readers and first posted as flash fiction on my site; some were written specifically for this ebook.

Whether you are just discovering the members of this little family or have followed their adventures before, I hope you will enjoy these glimpses into their lives.

(This is a free on-line fiction series.)  This particular book will only interest those that have read the series.  The book consists of a snapshot of the lives of Andrew, Nicolas, and Jacob occurring from Jacob’s birth until he is 17.  Each year is given a little peek into their lives.  The POV changes so it could be any of the main characters.  Some are long and some are short.  By the nature of the book the passages are very disjointed from each other.  There is no plot or frame work involved in the story.  This isn’t a “story” in and of itself that is why it will only appeal to those that have read the first two books.  For me, I enjoyed these extra little glimpses into their lives.  I thought the individual sections were well written and interesting.  I wouldn’t say this is a top read for me, since it has been some time since I read the series and it is not a story so it’s just not as good, but it is interesting and fun to read.



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