The Holy Trinity by Jane Wallace-Knight

The Holy TrinityThe Holy Trinity by Jane Wallace-Knight
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
Novella:  42,734 Words
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Roses:  4

Sam Reed was born different. It’s a fact he has always known and tried to hide. Abandoned as a baby, he has always felt out of place, never really knowing where he came from or why he can do the things he can.

Jackson Harcourt has long feared the day he will meet his mate. Banished from his birth pack, Jackson soon found himself in charge of a pack of outcasts and misfits, all looking for somewhere to belong. Fifty years ago, Jackson met and fell in love with a seven-hundred-year-old vampire named Alek, and together they have not only built themselves a pack, but a family.

When fate throws Sam, Jackson’s true mate, into Jackson’s path, Alek’s ancient heart feels as though it will finally break into too many pieces to ever again be whole. As Alek prepares for the worst though, he begins to wonder if perhaps fate doesn’t, truly, move in mysterious ways.


Sam is a lonely guy.  His past has been difficult and he doesn’t really know where he comes from.  His mother died in childbirth and there was no father mentioned.  On New Year’s Eve on his way home he runs into Jackson, a naked Jackson, and promptly faints.  When he awakens he finds two men in the room with him.  Jackson and his lover Alek.  He quickly finds out they aren’t just men.  Jackson is an alpha werewolf and Alek is a 700 year plus vampire.  On top of that Jackson says Sam is his mate.  Sam refuses to come between the two men and they all proceed onto a three way relationship.

This is a new author to me.  I really enjoyed the story.  I thought it well written with a good plot and characters.  Sam is a really cute character that has a very soft heart especially for those that have been abused.  Jackson is a very protective man that will do all he can for those he loves.  Alek is all about his men.  Sam is innocent, Jackson earthy, and Alek is all cool perfection.

I really feel that for a first book in a series it was very good.  It ends fairly cleanly but leaves the door open for much more.  It also allows for the reader to want more of the characters and story.  I definitely look forward to the next book.



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