Wolf Moon by Ethan Stone

Wolf MoonWolf Moon by Ethan Stone
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press
Novel:  65,875 Words
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Roses:  2

When college student Jack Coleman meets Derek Malone at a party, it’s mutual lust at first sight. Lies and secrets almost derail the relationship, but they face the problems head on, and it isn’t long before Jack and Derek decide to take their relationship to the next level. That’s when things get complicated.

It turns out Derek and several other people Jack thought he knew are werewolves… and so is Jack. In fact, his unusual birthmark brands him as a Chosen One, a werewolf of great power destined to be alpha. But Jack isn’t sure he’s cut out to be a leader. When a pack rival, Elias Fairchild, kidnaps Derek to force Jack’s hand, Jack has to make up his mind: Will he deny his newfound heritage or risk it all to save Derek’s life?


Jack is the narrator of the story.  To be honest his “voice” felt flat to me.  I know that this is a romance but the story line just didn’t support the paranormal side.  At times it seemed that the story was a contemporary and then it would jump to paranormal…way out there paranormal.  I had a hard time at Jack’s acceptance of his real heritage.  He was upset over Derek and Josh’s relationship but never had a problem with them keeping this much larger secret or the fact they pushed so hard for unprotected sex and knew what would happen but gave no warning.  Derek was too perfect.  I thought in a lot of other stories he would have been the bad guy because of the way he was acting.  I did enjoy the characters to a degree.  The interaction between them was good but again it felt that little too perfect.  Believe me I normally would never say a book had too much sex but this one did with little plot to back it up. Normally I have enjoyed this author’s books.  This one just didn’t do it.



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