To Adam With Love by Adrienne Wilder

To Adam With LoveTo Adam With Love by Adrienne Wilder
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press
Novel:  230 Pages
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Roses:  4

A Gray Zone Novel


Adam’s mother brought him as a child to the Gray Zone, the no man’s land between the crumbling city and the Dens where the Kin—the dragons—and Lesser-Breds—their mixed-blood offspring—live. He was different, not completely Human, and she knew fear and prejudice would drive people to do horrible things… like a father trying to kill his son. Five years later, Adam’s father is behind bars and Adam has come home to the Zone, the last place anyone would expect innocence, loyalty, and devotion, to complete his becoming Lesser-Bred and find his best friend and only love, Ean.

But Ean has a life of his own. He’s always wanted to belong to Batu, the Male Kin who has watched over him since childhood, but now Ean’s caught in a deadly trap of biology and vengeance: he isn’t enough to feed his beloved Adam during the dangerous transformation, and Kin won’t allow an emotional bond in their midst. Years ago Ean lost Adam after failing to keep him safe. Now that Adam is back, will a simple feeling give Ean the strength to defy everything he’s ever known and keep them together?


This is a very difficult read because of the world building.  Now the world building was very good.  I really liked the world the author created.  The trouble came with all the terminology that is used.  You do get a glossary at the beginning of the book which helps, but the world is so centered on some of these words and terminology that it is confusing at first.

This is a bit of a different relationship.  The two main characters are involved since childhood.  Ean claimed Adam right away.  Ean seemed to have no doubts and neither did Adam though he didn’t seem to have the possession that Ean did.  That is strange since Adam is part Kin/dragon and Ean is human.  It feels like a reversal of roles but it made the story that much more intriguing.  The characters are so interesting because of their “different” life from that that most people live.  I felt for Adam.  His father was out to kill him because of what he is and he has a very different future than most humans have that he must face.  He will have to face something that is so very horrifying for any human to face and Adam was raised human.  Ean wishes so much he was Kin and doesn’t fear those things that Adam does but has no notion how to be the human he is.  The author made these two very real to me.  The side characters weren’t as clear.  I did wish we had at least had more on Batu.

The story itself was very well written.  The world building was amazing.  The flashbacks and changing point of view are done very well and lead the reader through the story in a logical way.  There is rich detail and descriptions.  Now the problems that I encountered were starting the story.  I was dumped into a world that had words with special meanings that took time to learn and they were all in italics which to me emphasizes the words which draw away from the story itself.  The other trouble was the ending.  It’s a little vague and not in keeping with the rest of the story.  Knowing that the next book is just a “Gray Zone” story and NOT a continuation of this one is a big disappointment.  The book just feels incomplete.

Overall this is a wonderful story with rich detail and interesting characters, lacking some in conclusion of the story.  I enjoyed the book and will read more from this author since this world intrigues me.



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