Chance’s Vindication by Stephani Hecht

Chance's VindicationChance’s Vindication by Stephani Hecht
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  eXtasy Books
Short Story:  30,780 Words
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Roses:  3

Raised in complete isolation—Raven shifter, Chance—knew little of the shifter world. While he realized that the Ravens were at war with feline shifters, he didn’t understand just how deep the hatred went until he took refuge with a coalition of felines—felines who sometimes seemed more likely to kill him than protect him from the Ravens hunting him. Living among his enemies, while being hated by his own kind, Chance withdraws into himself and begins to lose hope that he’ll ever be happy. To make things worse, Chance finds himself drawn to Thomas, a Lion shifter who despises all Ravens.

When Thomas is assigned to guard Chance, he’s not happy. His job is to kill Ravens, not babysit them. But as time passes, Thomas realizes he’s attracted to the shy, sweet man. But years of war against the Ravens, along with his own personal demons, lead Thomas to resist the draw he feels for Chance. Then Chance is taken captive and Thomas realizes how much his little Raven means to him. Will he find Chance in time, or will they both lose all hope of ever finding a happy ending?


This was better than the last couple of books.  The story was a bit deeper and the characters understanding of each other a little better.  I loved Thomas’s sudden protective instincts, it was just what Chance needed and deserved in his life.  Chance is a study in contractions.  He is a Raven but not like other Ravens.  He isn’t really a fighter and puts others above himself.  I think the story also gives a little moral lesson on judging others by their appearances.  Just because he was a Raven didn’t make him a bad person.

The book was better but could have been even more with more story and depth too it.  I really appreciated this book because it took me back to when I really enjoyed the series just for its comfort read ability. This is one of those less complicated books that has drama but not huge angst.  It’s a book that just leaves you with a warm feeling.



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