Building the Pack by R.J. Scott, Stephani Hecht, and Amber Kell

Building the PackBuilding the Pack by R.J. Scott, Stephani Hecht, and Amber Kell
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  eXtasy Books
Novel:  280 Pages
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Roses:  3

The New Wolf

After a hate crime leaves one of them near dead, Veterinarian, Josh Nolan and Cop, Connor Vincent are starting a new life in Black Creek, a remote town on the edge of the Adirondack State Park, Vermont.

Josh is taking over his grandfather’s practice and Connor settles into working in the sheriff’s office covering the area.

When Connor pieces together a whole list of unsolved crimes going back fifty years he puts his life, and that of his partners, in danger.

A dangerous lone wolf is intent on destroying the beginnings of a pack and when Connor is attacked and near death there is only one thing that can save him. A wolf shifter’s bite.

One Bratty Omega

Donny left his childhood pack behind him when his father couldn’t accept the fact that his son was just an Omega. Destined to be the lowest on the pecking order of the pack, Donny acts out in ways that are sometimes not too healthy for his wellbeing.

Proctor is coming to Black Creek to visit an old friend. The last thing he expects is to find himself hanging out with some young, blond brat. What’s more, Proctor doesn’t expect himself to be attracted to the little troublemaker.

But things aren’t what they seem to be in Black Creek, and as Proctor digs deeper, he discovers secrets that are explosive. Will he be able to accept the truth? And more importantly, will he be able to accept Donny?

The Alpha’s Only

Tiberius, Alpha of the Black Creek pack, is tired of being alone. When Keir, a new Beta joins the pack, Tiber is startled to learn he’s found his mate. Keir isn’t interested in becoming one of a couple of Alpha mates. He plans to be the one and only. First, however, they need to defeat their enemies and weed out the ones who are trying to destroy them from within.

(Note:  These are available as separate titles.)

“The New Wolf” by R.J. Scott

Connor and Josh are new in town.  Josh is a veterinarian and Connor is a cop.  Both men went through a recent scare with Connor being hurt and once again are faced with it shortly after coming to town.

Connor is an idiot.  I get the strong, silent type and all but he is constantly doing it and almost losing Josh or causing Josh terrible turmoil.  I think Josh should have made Connor suffer more.  The writing was good and the characters fun.  This is a light and fluffy read as is all the ones in this anthology.  I can’t say they are wonderful stories but they aren’t bad.

Roses:  3

“One Bratty Omega” by Stephani Hecht

Donny has had a miserable childhood and it has affected his whole life and life outlook.  Proctor is Connor’s ex-partner down to visit for 3 weeks.  The plot is simple but works.  I think 3 weeks is a REALLY long vacation but I think my experience is not a normal one so I don’t know if it is an exceptionally long vacation.  Donny was cute and Proctor very typical of an “alpha” male.  The characters overall is a bit predictable.  I did think Proctor over reacted to the lies but he made up fast for that.  I think like the other stories not a wonderful read but good.

Roses:  3

“The Alpha’s Only” by Amber Kell

Tiberius is the alpha of the town’s wolf pack.  He is Donny’s cousin.  He is struggling to make the pack grow and be safe.  (HUGE mistake in the other stories with keeping secrets!)  Keir is new to the area and has been injured by the rogue wolf shifter.  Keir knows right away what Tiber is to him but fears he won’t be enough for Tiber.

Bit of a cheesy story line.  I really didn’t feel that the stated conflict really arose except maybe in Keir’s mind.  I enjoyed the read but it wasn’t the greatest of writing.  I enjoyed it as much as the other stories but like them it is a comfort read and not a great piece of writing.

Roses:  3



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