Shattered Heart by Nikki McCoy

Shattered heartShattered Heart by Nikki McCoy
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Silver Publishing
Novel:  61,908 Words
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Roses:  4

The ravages of biochemical warfare have devastated the human population. Born of rape and forced to become a pleasure slave, Corin has only known the kindness of his sisters, but his life changed when he was sold to Markus–a man known for his ruthlessness. In the depths of his despair over the loss of his sisters, however, he discovered mercy in the least likely of places, the heart of his new Master. Together they learn to need that which has always been denied them by the harsh hand of fate, but their cravings for love may not withstand the impending war. How far will they go to hold onto their morals, and each other?

CONTENT ADVISORY: This title contains extreme BDSM and scenes of dubious consent. It also includes scenes of rape and intense violence.


This was a very interesting book.  This is a post-apocalyptic world in which the world is controlled by basically gangs in charge of territories.  There is slavery in the world again as well.  Corin is living a hellish life.  His mother despises him due to the nature of his birth and his stepfather abuses and uses him, including renting him out as a pleasure slave.  His stepfather actually saved his life as a baby by telling his mother that Corin would be their slave.  Corin’s only light in his dark world are his two younger sisters.  He adores them and protects them knowing if he wasn’t there that his stepfather would turn on them.

Markus is the boss of the territory that Corin and his family live in.  When Corin’s stepfather can’t pay the “rent” on their hotel Corin’s Mom sells him to Markus as a pleasure slave.  Corin is heartbroken.  How will he protect his sisters now?  He also has heard that Markus is a cruel and ruthless man.

I really didn’t like Markus at first.  Who would?  He was no better than a rapist!  Still as time goes on you start to feel for the man and realize he isn’t as heartless as he seems.  Markus would have just been a Dom in this world and Corin a submissive.  Unfortunately the future world isn’t that nice and Markus has had a very painful past.  I came to really appreciate what these two had in this future world which seemed to leave so little room for gentle emotions.  Though these two’s relationship is brutal it is a lovely thing as well.

The writing in the story was well done.  The plot line wasn’t truly unique but I liked the author’s spin on it.  The characters really do grow on you and you learn to appreciate their different viewpoints.  I’m not sure if I liked the change of perspective the last chapter gives you or not but it was sweet.



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