Frozen Hearts by Teegan Loy

Frozen HeartsFrozen Hearts by Teegan Loy
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Silver Publishing
Novel:  53,653 Words
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Roses:  3

The best college hockey player in the nation is hanging up his skates because he’s tired of living a lie. Five years ago, Erik Fox was forced by his father to change schools in the middle of the night when his father found out about his indiscretion. Erik had a boyfriend and hockey players do not date boys.

With his college career over, Erik is determined to change his life. Can Erik make peace with the boy he left behind and find the life he wants to live, or is he going to fold under the pressure from his father and everyone else who thinks he is defined by the game of hockey.


Erik was a man that is tortured by living a life that was set by his father.  His father controls it all.  Erik is determined that now that college is almost over it is time to take back his life from his father’s control.  Nothing goes too well at first for him.  Poor guy gets abused at every turn.  The good thing that comes from all of this is being with his first love and former best friend, Tyce.  Erik hurt Tyce when he was forced to leave by his father and never contacted Tyce after.  Now the two make strides to make up for the past.

The idea of this story isn’t really new.  It has elements of a lot of different story lines I’ve read before just maybe not ALL together.  I thought the writing was good.  I did think that Erik giving up professional hockey seemed a bit of a stretch.  He could have just called it quits with the girlfriend and I think that is what in real life would happen.  Still with some of Erik’s background and thinking explained it could be believed.

The characters were well written.  What I found strange is that I connected with all the characters but Tyce.  We just don’t get much of a feel for him.  I thought since he was a main character there would be more that we discovered with him but it didn’t seem to happen.  I would have liked a little more realism in the story, Erik giving up his career, Tyce’s easy forgiveness, Sam not getting police involvement in his incident, and the ending.   I think the author could have added a lot more dimension and believability in adding some to these events, would have made for a much more dramatic and heart appealing read.  Still the story makes for a great comfort read and would be great for a rainy night.



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