The Colony Book 1: Rebellion by J. Tomas

The Colony Book1 RebellionThe Colony Book 1:  Rebellion by J. Tomas
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Queerteen Press (YA of JMS Books, LLC)
Novel:  58,329 Words
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Roses:  5

Sixteen year old Aine lives in the Colony, and his whole life was decided before he was born. In two years he will marry the girl next door, Brin, who was assigned as his Other at birth. Then he will be given a position in the Colony’s workforce that best suits his talents. Each night he takes four pills, like everyone else in the Colony, and he knows the pills keep them safe and their world in order.

Everything is fine. Perfect, in fact. Until Aine accidentally drops one of his pills.

Terrified, he tries to hide the mistake, but when he dreams for the first time in his life, he discovers all he’s been missing. What scares him more than not taking the pill, though, is how alive his dreams make him feel. Because it isn’t Brin he dreams of but his best friend Kyer.

Another boy.

Suddenly Aine’s world turns upside down, and he doesn’t know what to think or who to trust. All he knows for sure is he’s falling in love with Kyer, which is forbidden by the Colony’s Code, and he will do anything to protect their budding relationship.

Even if it means defying the Overseer and leaving the Colony behind.


Aine is a teen in an extremely controlled world.  He is monitor everywhere he goes and must take pills every day to “keep him safe”.  Aine accidently doesn’t take one of his pills and dreams of his friend Kyer.  After that it’s down the rabbit hole, discovering what he never knew about and how it changes his view of everything.

I seldom read YA books.   I’m not sure why, I just don’t.  I’m so glad I read this one.  I really thought about how this might be like a LGBT teen discovering him/herself.  The secrecy, the fear, the repression, the attempts to change them back by others, the shame, and, for some, the fact that they would have to leave everything they know as safe to be true to that discovery.

The writing is excellent.  The author did a wonderful job building up the world.  I do admit the world isn’t far off from some that I have heard described before but the author still needed to build THIS world.  The character building was well done.  Aine’s change in the book is done in a way that is believable and revealing.  I easily connected with his character and could empathize as he went through the shame, joy, fear, and outright terror.

In regards to this being a YA book and therefore aimed for them, I think many teens would enjoy the story.  They can relate to Aine and his struggles and triumphs.  It teaches that sometimes questioning what always is is not a bad thing and to be different is normal.  I admire that the author has done such a good job relating the story to youths and creating a story that can speak to them.  For me this was soooooo close to our top rating!



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