Stepping Stones By Carol Lynne


Stepping Stones by Carol Lynne
Reviewer: Leenie
Publisher: Stiff Rain Press
Short Story: 85 pages
Purchase:  Stiff Rain Press , Amazon and Barnes and Noble
Roses: 4

Donovan has made a new life for himself, far away from his twin .   Declan and all of the feelings that he’s kept bottled up inside for many  years. His friend and sometimes lover Marc has helped a lot, and things are going well until Declan calls, asking for help.

Unable to deny his twin, Donovan pushes aside his feelings and mounts a rescue, taking Declan away from an abusive situation. Between Donovan and Marc, they set Declan on the road to healing, exploring their relationship to the fullest. When Declan’s past comes back to haunt them, they’ll have to pull together to keep each other safe.

Can they make a new life together and survive the hardships they face?


To be honest this is one of my favorite Carol Lynne books, I know that it topic may not be in everyone’s comfort zone as it involves have twincest as well as aménage relationship in it but Ms Lynne handles it in a truly touching way.  The story is about Donovan and his twin Declan, who have been separated but some miscommunications and unfortunate circumstances for a number of years. When tragedy strikes Delcan turns to his twin for help.  Donovan and Marc come to his rescue. The book also deals with domestic violence and abuse, but also surviving it and coming out of it a stronger person. The relationship between the characters can all stand alone as well as together which makes it such a good read. I truly find this worth the read. Ms Lynne wrote a beautiful book
**This is a revised and updated version of a previously released title

About Leenie

I love, love to read... I love the Flyers, Dr Who and Life. I am new to living in the South.. and I have a wicked sense of humor.

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