Kiss of the White Wolf by Cassidy Ryan

Kiss of the White WolfKiss of the White Wolf by Cassidy Ryan
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Total-E-Bound Publishing
Novella:  55,393 Words
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Roses:  4

Hal went looking for a wild weekend, and found more wild than he could ever have hoped for.

Hal’s world has been in a tailspin since he wrote a book exposing police corruption. Seeking respite and distraction, he heads off for a wild weekend in Brighton, hoping for hot guys, loud music and lots of booze. What he gets instead is a near-naked man mountain, bruised, bleeding and suffering from temporary memory loss.

Hal isn’t ready for the news that Luke is a werewolf, and even less prepared for Luke’s declaration that Hal is his life mate. But he can’t seem to walk away when Luke is obviously in trouble, and there is no denying the searing heat that is between them.

The more time they spend together the deeper their connection becomes, until Hal starts to wonder about the whole ‘mate’ thing.

However, there is a cloud of danger hanging over Luke’s head that could destroy everything they have the potential to become…the men who abducted and tortured Luke still have him in their sights.


I just love shifter stories.  I think it’s all that mate stuff, who wouldn’t want someone to want us that way and know that they won’t cheat!

The writing was good but the plot was a little predictable.  It was interesting that this time it was told from Hal’s perspective and Hal isn’t a little helpless male.  There was insta-love once Luke got his senses back.  The characters were well scripted but a little shallow, we really only get glimpses of what made these men.  I was a bit disappointed by not learning more about them.

The characters really made this book.  Luke was what one would expect physically from an alpha wolf but he is also an artist.  Hal is fun and inquisitive.  He is a good man that wants to do the right thing even if it can be dangerous.  Of course like many that read this book I adored Milo.  He is such a sweet little guy.  I really hope there is a follow up book for him.

These books are like candy to me.  I know they are a little too sweet for some but I just adore reading them.  If you want a feel good read with just a hint of trouble this is perfect.



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