Stirrings by D.J. Manly

Stirrings ManlyStirrings by D.J. Manly
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Silver Publishing
Novel:  47,317 Words
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Roses:  4

Pascal and London are back, investigating a series of murders that look like vampire slayings. But are they? And will London discover something about Pascal’s past that he would have preferred remain hidden?

Pascal and London are in love but has London lost all his preconceived notions about vampires? A string of murders that look like a vampire on a rampage will test London and Pascal’s new relationship to the limit.

When London discovers something about Pascal’s past, will it confirm all his suspicions about the real nature of vampires, or will his love for Pascal help him to get past all that?

Come back to the world of Spectrum, where nothing is sure, and humans and preternaturals live in harmony…or do they?


I loved the first book in the series.  This one was slightly predictable so it took a few points off for that but the plot and characters were just as enjoyable.  Also the world that the author created is just fantastic!  I love the concept behind it all.


The characters’ personalities are the opposite of what you would expect out of a vampire and a human.  Pascal is great.  He is such a fascinating man and sure keeps London on his toes.  London has issues and needs to address them instead of ignoring them.  I’m hoping he will learn after this but most likely not.


The item that caught my interest in this series with the first book was the world building.  The author reading does an amazing job in setting it up and explaining it.  Now there are some things that aren’t explained until something occurs but that can make some interest and drama to the story.  Now with this particular story it’s London’s continued prejudice even after getting to know Pascal more.  London’s own sister is involved with a vampire but London still isn’t thawed.  I felt through most of the story London was just looking for an excuse to justify his continued prejudice.  Like a lot of good stories there is something to be learned and usually one or more of the characters learn the hard way.



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