The Faery Truth by Vicktor Alexander

The Faery Truth AlexanderThe Faery Truth by Vicktor Alexander
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Silver Publishing
Novella:  111 Pages
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Roses:  4
Princess Eeirena transforms into Prince Eeiran when he crosses the veil into the human realm to save his brother. Philip is Eeiran’s destined mate, but rejects him, unable to deal with the world of Faery.Princess Eeirena of the Seelie court is summoned by her brother Eeian for help regarding his human mate, Thomas. At first resentful, Eeirena searches for a solution, only to have visions and dreams about her own human mate. She races through the veil to give the answer to Eeian, but collides with him and closes off the portal to anyone wanting to enter. Eeirena also transforms into a man, now named Eeiran, something he always felt he was meant to be.

Philip Sands enjoys his job as a manager at McDonald’s. He doesn’t like being single and alone, dreaming about the man of his dreams. When he meets Eeiran, Philip finds himself inexplicably desperate for the guy. But when Philip finds out Eeiran’s many secrets–that he’s Fae, royalty, a Seer, and used to be a woman–he rejects his mate, which puts Eeiran’s life at risk.CONTENT ADVISORY: This is a re-release title.


I’m going to admit to being a sucker for this type of romance.  This is a personal preference though so I try to separate the two.  Some of course will overflow to my review.


This is a story about a fae and his fated mate.  This will be an insta-love, if you don’t like that DO NOT READ IT.  I don’t know how many reviews I’ve read that will down grade a story because of that factor.  Since this is paranormal it is even more acceptable


This was definitely more heartbreaking that the first book in the series.  You have to feel for Eeiran even while wanting to smack him!  I loved the characters and the plot.  I think some will struggle with the idea of Eeiran being so forgiving.  Again this is paranormal but even then with the situation as outlined I could see it happening.   The whole of the story was interesting and captivating.  I do love this author’s stories:)



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