The Great Wall: Made in China #1 by Z. Allora

The Great Wall by AlloraThe Great Wall: Made in China #1 by Z. Allora
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  MLR Press
Novel:  75,000 Words
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Roses:  3

There’s no gay in China so what’s the drummer of Made in China supposed to do about loving his male best friend when his family thinks he’s engaged to the girl next door?

Jun “Styx” Wong’s heart and mind battle to determine his destiny. His mind tells him to be a good Chinese son and marry the girl his parents chose, but his heart longs for his best friend, Jin, and life with their new band. “Jun” means honesty, but he’s not even honest with himself. A quest to eradicate his feelings for Jin nearly ends his life. Styx’s near death serves as a wake-up call for Jin, whose blond hair–legacy of his German father–marks him as different. Jin harbors secrets of his own. His experiences prepare him to take the drastic measures needed to help Jun overcome the walls surrounding them. Because there is no gay in China…


Hmmm….interesting story.  I think it would help to understand the difference in custom between America and China with the need to please the family, money and the like.   At times the story just made me want to scream.  It wasn’t that Styx couldn’t support himself but more the responsibility that he felt towards his family.

The writing was excellent.  I could imagine the rockery at “The Lion’s Grove Garden”.  It sounded so pretty.  Jin and Styx were vivid characters, though at times I think Indigo overshadowed everyone.  That was the character though.  He had to be larger than life.  To be honest I have more interest in Indigo and Li and even Tian Di.  What is doing to happen to these three men?  It seemed obvious to me where the story was going in regards to Jin and Styx.   I think I would have enjoyed the story more if I wasn’t so sure of what would happen with Jin and Styx.  The author did a good job with the plot and all it was just a little too “pat”.  It’s a fairly common plot line and it took away from the story.  Still there was plenty of drama and etc in regards to it all occurring though.

I really will read the second book in the series, not so much because I loved this book but because of how the author set it up the story for the next one.



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