The Biker’s Milkmaid by Landry Michaels

The Biker's Milkmaid by MichaelsThe Biker’s Milkmaid by Landry Michaels
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Stiff Rain Press
Short Story:  12,100 Words
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Roses:  1

Kat is a happy new mother, but a very unhappy wife. Resigned to her life with a cruel husband, Kat sets out to make the most of the weekend she must spend with the Red Devils, a violent motorcycle gang that her husband joined just a few months earlier.

While Kat expects to submit to the rules of the club, which includes being shared among the many men who ride in it, she never expects to garner the sole attention of the gang’s sexy leader: a mysterious man with a taste for mothers’ milk.

Secure under Ben’s thirst and protection, Kat experiences kindness, affection, and sexual fulfillment like she’s never known. She soon discovers that she is not the repulsive whore her jealous husband would have her believe, but a decent woman worthy of love and respect.

However, even Ben’s powerful position can’t stop the vicious betrayal that is coming their way — a desperate and dangerous act that might ultimately tear Ben and Kat apart.


If you are one that has trouble with non-monogamous relationships, DO NOT read.  The blurb and excerpt tell you to expect that.  There is also a brief scene with M/M action.

The writing in the story is pretty good but the characters are a bit of an issue.  I felt like I was thrown into the story which isn’t bad if the author can make you get to know and empathize with the characters.  I didn’t really feel like this was done.  The felt a lot more concentrated on the sex scenes than anything else.

I think the author has potential but missed the mark with this one.  Yes, this contains fetish material and is more of an erotic bend but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to have the characters mean something to me.  I felt disconnected from the characters so even the sex scene hit a dull note for me, which felt like what the story was mainly based on.



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