Once a Brat by Kim Dare

Once a Brat by Kim DareOnce a Brat by Kim Dare
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Riptide Publishing
Short Story:  25,400 Words
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Roses:  1

Experienced dominant Marcus Tremayne has a stalker. On the plus side, the boy following him around his local leather club is gorgeous and a self-professed submissive. Unfortunately, he’s also inexperienced, bratty, and liable to drive Marcus insane within his incessant chatter and questions.

Bret Daniels fell head over heels with Marcus the moment he first saw him. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to get Marcus’s attention and prove his worth as a submissive. He might not be a traditional sub, but he knows he has a lot to offer a dom who can handle his quirks.

When Marcus gives in and agrees to do a scene with Bret, sparks fly. One scene quickly becomes another, and another. But will it be a case of once a brat, always a brat? Bret intends to prove to Marcus that—expectations and experiences aside—he deserves his master’s collar.


If you have read any of Kim Dare’s work you know the usual writing style.  I’m a bit disappointed by this one.  There is usually a lack of depth to the stories that I put down to being a short story.  This one was really flat.  The characters were interesting but not particularly engaging.  Cute but not captivating.  I liked the characters but the plot didn’t go anywhere, or at least not anywhere unexpected.  I also didn’t agree with the love angle in the story.

This story just didn’t impress me.  It was entertaining but not particularly good:(



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