Angel’s Redemption by Azalea Moone

Angels Redemption by MooneAngel’s Redemption by Azalea Moone
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Storm Moon Press
Short Story:  31,000 Words
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Roses:  2

Twenty-four-year-old Blaine Schneider is seasoned to hardship. Since the age of eight, he’s experienced nothing but a swarm of bad luck: from the funny electrical fire in shop class to failing grades and relationships gone sour. He believes he’ll never get past it; only his band, ‘Til Dark, and their dream, keeps him going through it all.

Shortly after he mysteriously inherits a beautifully carved angel statue, Blaine also finds an apartment big enough to display the lifelike sculpture, and he thinks his luck has finally taken a turn for the better. But when he discovers the spell inscribed on the statue’s base, he frees Lynsael from his stone prison, a handsome fallen angel who claims to be Blaine’s former guardian angel, and then his luck really improves.

But while Blaine is falling hard for the angel’s blue eyes and lively personality, in the shadows, dark forces are working to keep Blaine and Lynsael apart. It will take more than luck for the pair to come through unscathed—it’ll take a miracle.


Right off I will say the cover is what caught my interest.  Yes, it was a shallow reason for wanting to read a book but it’s a beautiful cover.

So a true review of what I thought of the book.  I loved the premise.  There have been variations of this theme before.  Who wouldn’t want an angel, right?   You combine that with musicians and it sounds like a really interesting and good read.  I’ll be honest though it missed the mark a bit for me.  The characters weren’t well written.  I felt they lacked depth and vividness.  They felt flat.  Also the writing, while good, didn’t give me any true connection to the characters.  I had no emotional investment into these men so really didn’t have a true “oh, no!” feeling when the main conflict of the story happens.

The plot has many holes as well.  We never hear much about Blaine’s past other than his bad luck.  Lynsael’s fall is never explained.  That seems to me to be very vital in the story but it is only glanced over never explained.

I enjoyed the story but will admit to have had higher hopes for the story.  The actual plot line still interests me and the story itself could be interesting if improved upon.  As it is it just misses the mark.



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