A Reason to Believe by Diana Copland

A Reason to Believe by CoplandA Reason to Believe by Diana Copland
Reviewer:  Tj
Publisher:  Carina Press
Novel:  81,000 Words
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Roses:  4

Detective Matthew Bennett doesn’t believe in ghosts. So when the spirit of a murdered child leads him to her body, he’s shaken to the core–and taken off the case. Unable to explain his vision, or to let go of the investigation, Matthew turns to renowned medium Kiernan Fitzpatrick. Though he has doubts about Kiernan’s claims to communicate with the dead, Matt is nevertheless drawn to the handsome psychic, who awakens feelings he thought were long-buried.

Haunted by the lingering spirit of the little girl, Kiernan is compelled to aid in the search for her killer. The chance to get closer to the enigmatic Matt is an unexpected bonus. Although Kiernan’s been betrayed by people who turned out to be more interested in his fame than in himself, with Matt he’s willing to risk his heart. As the two men grow closer, Kiernan helps Matt rediscover that life offers no guarantees–but love offers a reason to believe…


This is a story about one man’s making his way back from a horrible abyss after his partner and lover die.  Matt is a man who has lived every person’s worst nightmare, his partner and lover was coming home and stopped at a convenience store for beer for a bar-b-que and was shot and killed.  Now he is finally dealing with his first case since then and he ends up having a little girl’s spirit lead him to her body.  Needless to say the department doesn’t not only not believe him but they tell him to “take a vacation”.

Matt is a man mired in his grief.  He can’t let go and live again.  It’s in this state and now on a forced vacation that Matt is dragged by his sister-in-law, it was wonderful to have such strong female characters in this book, to a reading by renowned psychic Kiernan Fitzpatrick.  He is very surprised by what he finds there.

Since Matt is the “voice” of the story there isn’t that personal insight, but what we do see is a man who is full of energy and animation.  He has a wicked sense of humor, which is shown by his enormous t-shirt collection, and has a big sense of responsibility.  Kiernan didn’t have an easy childhood but hasn’t let it stop him.  He seems like just the fresh air to wake up Matt and make him want to live again.

These two men are in for a fast, hard courtship.  I know many would say everything between them happens too fast but I know it can go that way sometimes from personal experience so it’s not outside the realm of possibility.

The storyline captured me more than the romance portion of the story.  The mystery was good and the way the author set it up made me keep turning the pages.  I think the character descriptions and the setting were perfect for the story.  I was a little disappointed that Matt seemed to cave so fast after he had fought off any response in a year and a half.  I would have thought there would have been a little more internal turmoil.  It may have been a little more believable for me if he had had some sexually contact between his ex’s death and Keirnan.  Since there wasn’t and this was supposedly the first time he had felt real desire for another man since his loss I thought it seemed a little quick.

Overall I think the writing was excellent.  I think the character development was good but would have like to see a little more of about Keirnan.  I also think that they could have been a little more integrated to the story.  I really didn’t feel as into the romance part of the story as I thought a read should if it is labeled as a romance.  Still I think it was an excellent read.  I almost hope the author will revisit these two since I would love to see more of them.



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